Let’s Learn How To Prevent Parental Burnout With Psychologist & Maya Septha


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the term parental burnout increasingly popular and experienced by many parents. Mom and Dad experience it too? Before this problem comes, let’s know how to prevent it.

What is parental burnout? Quoted from Psychology Todayaccording to research in Clinical Psychological Science (2019), parental burnout is intense parental exhaustion, resulting in feelings of detachment from their children.

“There is also a feeling of uncertainty about their ability to parent,” he continued.

This was also explained by Child and Family Psychologist, Roslina Verauli, M.Psi., Psi. Through his personal Instagram, the psychologist who is familiarly called Vera reveals the reality of how it became parent positive and happy.

“In fact, you are impatient, easily angered, even see everything negative in children at home,” Vera said, citing an account. Instagram @verauli.id.

Do you want to be a more positive and happy parent? “It’s easy. First, think about what is still going well with your children,” Vera replied.

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For example, until now, the Little One is still healthy, growing and developing well, can still participate in activities at school, play with siblings and even willing to help Mother at home.

“Write down how you feel. Suddenly, it feels better, doesn’t it?” said Vera.

Well, come on Mother, try to apply it from now on. But if there’s still something that’s bothering you, Mother, just ask psychologist Roslina Verauli in Talk Show themed: 101 Ways Mothers Prevent Parental Burnout.

Accompanied also by the mother of three celebrity children, Maya SepthaThis event, which is supported by Good Time, will be held at Trans Studio Mall Cibubur, on Sunday (12/5/2021) starting at 16.00 WIB. Talk Show This is a series of events Junio ​​BundaFest 2021Mother.

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