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The atmosphere is calm

I actually didn’t stay here when I was in Raja Ampat, but on the opposite island.

Papua Explorers is indeed located on Gam island, opposite Mansuar Island, where I stayed. Also not far from the pier of Sawingrai Village, which is located on the same island.

Our ship stopped here for a while, to ride back (hehe) and pray, on the way to the sandy beach from Arborek Village.

Luckily one of the owners of this resort, Ms. Tari, was very friendly to welcome us.

He told me about this resort which will have to be completed in October 2013, because in that month there will be the annual Raja Ampat Festival.

The bungalows are in the form of houses on stilts and plunge directly into the calm bottom of the water. Its position facing south is also very strategic because it can see the sunrise and sunset. The size is also large, because the resort concept is beneficial for families.


Resorts in Raja Ampat are already regulated by the government. From the number, as well as the distance. This is great because we certainly don’t want the Raja Ampat Islands to be the location mass tourism.

Just let Raja Ampat be the location ecotourism the ‘exclusive’ hehe.

Traditional Construction

Resort construction that uses scratched wood for support is very good, compared to iron wood. Because itchy wood is much more durable against sea water.

For the floor, they use iron wood. For the roof too – like traditional Indonesian houses in general, they use alang alang.

Papua Explorers still under construction

The use of reeds will provide cool air inside when it is hot outside. And also keep the temperature inside remains normal when it’s cold outside.

The longer you leave it, the stronger the thatched roof will be.

I see all the workers are from local residents. They are mostly residents of Gam Island itself.

Some of the Gam island kids were also fishing with just a rope in the shallows, and they caught quite a bit of fish it seems!


The following is a photo of the resort at the end of August 2013, some parts have been completed and others are still under construction.

From the atmosphere that is similar to the Maldives, I think this place is perfect for a honeymoon!

Please go to their website directly for more information.

Oh yes, I don’t mind at all being invited to stay here haha.


Coral reef under the pier
The wharf is still under construction
From inside the bungalow the view is immediately wide
One of the owners of this resort is turkish
Nice fishkids!
From afar
Friendly owner papu explorers. Thanks!

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