List of Applications/Software that can be Installed on Chromebooks (Chrome OS)

As a continuation of our article about Samsung Chromebook 4 Unboxing and Reviewhere I try to make a separate list to accommodate information about what android applications can be installed on Chrome OS.

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Chrome OS can Install Android Apps!

Yup! thanks to the support of android applications through Google Play, I think chrome OS becomes more complete and becomes the main attraction.

List of Android Applications that can be Installed on Chrome OS

There are so many Android Apps that can be installed on Chrome OS, here we try to describe one

Install Kinemaster on Chrome OS

I have explained above, yes, that this video editing software can be installed on Chrome OS via Google Play

Status: Smooth Djaya


This Graphic Design application can also be installed, but it is still a bug.

Status: There are still bugs


It is a free drawing, painting and painting application that you can say open source, a few months ago launched on the android platform, and apparently thanks to support Play Store in Chrome OSthe Android version of the Krita application can also be installed…


Krita also has a Linux version, so… I haven’t tried using Linux BETA yet, but there’s a possibility that it can also be run and maybe it will be better..

This Chromebook uses Linux Debian for this crostini project… if what I install and select, debian 11 (bulleye)

Install krita directly from debian direct packages…

for sudo, just add krita

Status: Smooth Djaya

FL Studio Mobile

This is software for audio music production, by mixing various instruments and we can write midi directly, making us more creative in producing music audio works.

Fl Studio can be installed on Chrome OS smoothly, and I see some important functions can run optimally.


this is FL Studio Mobile which I bought from 2018 ago if I’m not mistaken…

Status: Smooth Djaya

Collabora Office

It bears some resemblance to Libre Officeand also free, you can install without subscription or purchase fees…

Of course you can already guess right, if there was an office, where would it go… hehe, yup! You can process data in word, excel or presentation…


Smooth Djaya

WPS Office

This is also an Office Application on Android which is quite popular, it can also be installed on chromeos, then how about when it is installed on a Chromebook? will it have a smartphone display, or already have an okay display on a chromebook?

The answer… Can be installed and the display is okay and really matches!

This is the proof..

Can Word, Excel, Slides…

Status: Smooth Djaya


This application can make it easier for us to build a community, we can easily create groups there, can chat with each other and share files. it turns out that this can also be installed on a chromebook, and the appearance matches the chromebook…. that’s great, isn’t it :)… the proof?


Status: Smooth Djaya


This is a networking application like Facebook, but more towards a professional job, and has a lot to do with careers…

Interestingly, Linkedin can already be installed on a Chromebook, even though it looks semi-landscape, but for the application itself, the outer part is already landscape… just the main timeline, not yet… hehe

Like this..

Status: Smooth Djaya

List of LINUX Applications that can be Installed on Chrome OS (Debian)

First of all, we need to activate the Linux environment first…

1. Inkscape

Inkscape This is my go-to app on Chrome OS, primarily for making Chromebooks smarter, and for vector graphic design as well as for everyday use.

I’ve tried to design using a Chromebook… and the results are satisfactory… at least this can convert various images as well and process them to other formats, for example like .EPS which usually has to use Adobe Illustrator, now in Inkscape too… it’s done can.


is a short video clip…

Status: Smooth Djaya

2. Zoom Meeting

Yup! this is an application that is currently on the rise… various functions that support virtual meetings during the pandemic, make this application very useful… πŸ™‚

Zoom meetings can be installed on Chrome OS, bro, whether it’s the Android version or the Linux one.

If you want a function that can display the camera, you can install the android version and it has been developed so that it can run well on chromebooks,

whereas if you want to get the HOST function, CO HOST, to manage chat and others, then you can install the LINUX version or this can be known as the desktop version…

However, the problem is in ON CAMERA, so we can’t use the camera.. aka only the account avatar appears zoom we don’t…

But don’t worry, other functions work normally, such as sound, apart from that you can also see the camera view of the other audience… wkwkwk, oh yeah

This could be a reason for you not to turn on the camera.. wkwkwkw

Status: Smooth Djaya (minus the camera is still a bug)

Chromebooks have more choices of Apps

With a chromebook usually installed applications Android and Linuxnow he’s become more powerful…

many choices of apps, which can support your productivity, with a laptop screen as usual.. it’s more comfortable to work at a desk right.. πŸ™‚

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