List of Epson Service Center Addresses in Indonesia

Friend RaCy user Printers and Epson ProductsIn this post, we will inform the Epson service center. If your Epson device is damaged or needs service, then you can contact or go directly to the places below.

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complete epson service center address

Why do you need to go to the service center?

Here I try to give a fair point of view, why do you need to go to the service center.. After all, I often do DIY or fix my own problems ^_^ hehe.. (For light cases..)

1. New and Original Spare Parts

I’m sure there is such a thing as an SOP that requires replacement
New and ORIGINAL PART (This is a guarantee… ), if the stock has not been discontinued, even if you have to replace it with another part, there will be confirmation first.

This has been my experience at Service Center (Other products), even if you have to replace parts there is confirmation beforehand, especially if you have to replace the board. Sometimes if it’s a discontinuous product, we can be advised to look for it… so there’s a choice to continue or not (I guess where is the service like this… hehe, unless the person has said from the start, “The important thing is, how much do I pay?” .. 🙂 ” but it’s rare like that right.. hehe

2. Technicians are specialists according to products

Yes, this is the same as if we work in a factory, get
task to do touch screen checkingfor example.. then we already know
detailed and professionalbecause it does the same thing over and over again.

Likewise with the technicians who are usually in the office service center – CMIIW

So it already has a specialty for that product, for example, here is the SERVICE CENTER to handle it

Even if there is a new technician, there must be training first, right?

3. The product is still in the warranty period

Usually for
Epson products themselves do have a guarantee with a certain time durationfrom my own experience, there is a 2 year warranty for the guarantee of the printer product that I just bought yesterday.

It’s usually there
certain seals attached to the main component partsmeaning if The seal is openthe warranty usually does not apply.. 🙂

So don’t forget to bring your warranty card and purchase receipt… hehe, I usually keep my proof of purchase in one place and the box… 🙂 if I need it at any time…

Should I go to the Service Center?

I also don’t have to, yes.. it all depends on your own beliefs as the product owner.

You can also go to a neighbor’s place, for example, if you open a printer service, or go to a service center in your area. If you think it’s far

But if it’s still under warranty, I suggest going to the service center.
because there is a part / label which if opened by a party who is not from the service center or maybe you yourself, then the warranty can be canceled / not valid.

Make sure your product has been registered for online warranty

After you buy the product EPSONyou need to register or register product warranty,

To register an Epson product, you can go through this link.
Epson Product Warranty Registration

Sample EPSON Products Sample Product Serial No Remarks
Inkjet Printer RADK123456 10 alphanumeric characters
Business Projector* TU2K4502800 11 alphanumeric characters
Dot Matrix Printer R9DY042200 10 alphanumeric characters
Scanner PX5Z000401 10 alphanumeric characters
Laser Printer (AcuLaser) JMMZ101659 10 alphanumeric characters
TM Printer Q6VF230020 10 alphanumeric characters

Usually, bro Serial Number It’s in the Purchase Box…

Epson Service Center Address List

I got this address list from yesterday’s printer purchase package, and here I will try to share it here in case someone needs it.

1. Epson Service Center – DKI Jakarta

The address is at Ruko Mall Mangga Dua No.48 Jalan Arterial Mangga Dua, North Jakarta – DKI Jakarta.

Telephone number that can be contacted (+6221)62301104

Email :

Another alternative…

Address at Wisma Kelai Lt.1 Jl Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 3 Central Jakarta – DKI Jakarta 10220

Phone (+6221)5724335

Email :

2. Epson Service Center – West Java (West Java)

The address is on Jl. Cihampelas No.48 A Bandung West Java 40116

Phone Number (+6222)4207033

Email :

3. Epson Service Center – East Java (East Java)

The address is at Hitech Mall Lt. 2 Block A No. 24 Jl. Kusuma Bangsa No. 116 – 118 Surabaya – JATIM

Phone Number (+6231)5355035

Email :

4. Epson Service Center – Yogyakarta

The address is YAP Square, Block A No. 6 Jl. C Simanjuntak Yogyakarta – DIY

Phone (+62274)581065

Email :

5. Epson Service Center – Central Java (Central of Java) | Semarang

The address is at the Metro Plaza Ruko Complex Block C20 Jl. MT Haryono No 970 Semarang – Central Java

Phone (+6224)8313807 / 8417935

Email :

6. Epson Service Center – Riau

The address is at Jl. Tuanku Tambusai No. 459A Pekanbaru RIAU

Phone (+62761)8524695

Email :

7. Epson Service Center – Banten

The address is Ruko Mall WTC Matahari No.953, Serpong – Banten

Phone (+6221)53167051/53167052

Email :

Status -> Permanently Closed,


Jl. General Ahmad Yani No. 45, Sumurpecung, Kec. Serang, Serang City, Banten 42117


8. Epson Service Center – South Sumatra (South Sumatra)

The address is on Jl. HM Rasyid Nawawi No. 249 Kelurahan 9 llir Palembang, South Sumatra

Phone (+62711)311330

Email :

9. Epson Service Center – East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan)

The address is Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim (M.Yamin) Sempaja Selatan Village, North Samarinda District – SAMARINDA – KALTIM

Phone (+62541)7272904

Email :

Those are some of the Epson Service Center references that I got from the sheets in the printer purchase package yesterday, some of them may indeed have moved, and hopefully they can be useful for fellow Epson users, especially if I’m an Epson Printer… hehe

Changes in address, phone number or email may occur, for more updated information, please refer to

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