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What? 2016 red date? Well, you must be looking for the right schedule for the holidays, right? hihi! Don’t worry, here’s my ‘holiday calendar’ for 2016!

For cheap ticket hunters and promos, of course, you have to plan ahead of time! So you have to take note of these important dates. In this calendar, apart from red dates and joint leave, there are also potential dates for leave, aka national tight days. Make the best of it guys..

Open the image in a new tab to enlarge this 2016 holiday calendar and red dates. Please print, share on twitter, fb, path, friendster and feel free to do anything. For those who want the google doc version, you can see it here.

Happy holidays guys.. 🙂

2016 Red Date List

  • January 1 — New Year 2016
  • February 8 — Chinese New Year
  • March 9 — Silence
  • March 25 — Ascension of Isa Al Masih
  • May 1 — Labor Day
  • May 5 — Ascension of Isa Al Masih
  • May 6 — Isra Mi’raj Prophet Muhammad SAW
  • May 22 — Vesak Day 2560
  • 6-7 July — Eid Al-Fitr 1437 H
  • August 17 — Indonesian Independence Day
  • September 12 — Eid al-Adha 1437 Hijriyah
  • October 2 — Islamic New Year 1438 Hijri
  • December 12 — Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad
  • December 25 — Christmas Day

List of Joint Leaves 2016

  • 4, 5, 8 July — leave with Eid Al-Fitr 1437 Hijriyah
  • December 26 — Christmas leave

There are not many gaps for leave in 2016. Maybe this is a reminder for us to immediately pay off our mortgage repayments and immediately set a date for…. *fill in yourself*

Happy planning holidays and don’t forget to wait for the invitation!

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