List of the Safest Online Loans for Students

List of the Safest Online Loans for Students

“Don’t introduce students to borrowing, because they don’t have an income yet.” Have you ever come across such a suggestion? Every financial platform has its pluses and minuses, but the most important thing is education about security in its use. The following is a review of a collection of online loan applications for students.

Class consciousness is an awareness of where a person comes from and where he comes from. A student, especially those born from the middle class, needs to realize how influential financial factors are to meet the needs of life. And this is how life goes.

In economics, debt is a burden. Students who get money from loans does not mean it is a real treasure. By having a burden, a person will be motivated to pay it off. And that’s how learning is.

What is the Safest Online Loan Application for Students?

A student has an obligation to study and the learning process can be done anywhere. Until this point, getting a loan to use for studying is very important to form a mentally resistant, independent, and future-ready student.

The following is a list of online loans that students can use as references:

Shopee PayLater

Boring school curriculum? Want to buy books to study according to your passion, but don’t have the funds? SPLater is one of the features of the company e-commerce Shopee which offers credit for students to shop on its platform.

Schools may not care about your interests, don’t know about your talents, but a student doesn’t have to rely on the existing education system. There are many choices of interesting educational products to choose from in this application.

Students, especially those who are not old enough, do not need to apply for a credit card as a requirement. One more advantage, SPLater does not set a short tenor. There are various tenor options up to 12 months.


A financial technology platform that is specifically engaged in the field of education. Students no longer worry about how to pay school fees.

The disbursement process is relatively fast, it only takes 3 to 5 working days. Here, the borrower is also not required to include physical collateral.

Pintek is a funding application that is credible and officially registered with the Financial Services Authority. So there is no doubt about its reputation as the most trusted online loan for students.

Gojek Paylater

One more company e-commerce Gojek, which is involved in funding other than Shopee, is Gojek. This platform does not set an age limit or even a payslip so that even a student can easily apply for a loan.

Borrowers only need to complete a registration form. If it has been approved by Gojek, students will get a PayLater limit that can be set by themselves. The specified tenor is about 30 days from the date of disbursement.

Another advantage of Gojek is that it does not charge interest on its customers. The application will only charge interest if the borrower fails to repay according to the due date.


Cicil provides special offers for anyone, both students and college students, to be able to pay for their education bills. There are two main programs provided by this application: tuition installments and goods installments.

Only by filling out documents and attaching an identity card, students have the opportunity to get a nominal financing of up to 30 million Rupiah. The tenor it sets also varies, from 2 months to 3 years.

Installment has been registered on the OJK website, its credibility is guaranteed, thus making transactions made by students safe.

Charity Fund

This platform is known as a loan site that is focused and has a student target market. The method offered by Cicil also makes sense because it applies the level of ‘payment ability’ as a condition for applying for funds.

Students can apply for loans in installments without having to provide collateral. This company has partnered with many educational institutions so that students who want to apply for credit for paying school bills are automatically integrated.

Under Indonesian law, a person deemed allowed to carry out legal activities such as applying for credit must be an adult and be 18 years of age. Cicil is well aware of these regulations, thus requiring the role of parents as guarantors.

Thus a review of online loans for students. If Tan Malaka said that what remained of the splendor of youth was idealism, then realistically taking into account economic factors was the other side of splendor.

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