Look Charming, Here Are 6 Lipstick Colors That Are Suitable for Black Lips

Dark lips are no longer something that makes you insecure. Just try 6 lipstick colors that are suitable for black lips to make them charming.

Having black lips sometimes makes a feeling of insecurity appear. One way to work around this is to use lipstick to cover up these flaws.

However, unfortunately not all lipstick colors are suitable for covering dark lip areas. Well, here are some recommendations for lipstick colors that are suitable for black lips and names brandand the price.

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Currently, brown is one of the shade favorite lipstick that many people are looking for. In addition to creating the impression of natural makeup, brown lipstick is also effective in covering the dark color of the lips. Lipstick color deep brown also suitable for use in various eventswhether formal or informal.

Lipstick recommendation shade dark chocolate, including:

  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Berlin and Cannes Rp70.000s
  • Lorreal Infallible Pro Matte – 70% Yum Rp120.000
  • Maybelline Color Sensational the Powder Mattes Walnut and Raw Cocoa – Rp40.000an

2. Burgundy

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The lipstick color that is suitable for the next black lips is burgundy, a mixture of red and purple. Black lips have advantages in wearing lipstick shade which tends to be dark because the color will come out more, for example like burgundy.

If you want to use lipstick burgundy shade for everyday, just make sure to bring it make-up you are not so thick. Simple eye makeup with lipstick combination burgundy will make look you look elegant and beautiful.

Lipstick recommendation burgundy shadeincluding:

  • Maybelline Color Sensational the Powder Mattes – Honey Cherry Rp40.000an
  • Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick – Lady Burgundy Rp37.000
  • Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick – Fame Fatale Rp80.000an

3. Nude

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In various events, lipstick nude will be a perfect complement to facial makeup. Nude also one shade lipstick color that is suitable for your black lips.

If you have facial skin that tends to be dark, choose a color nude which is also darker so as not to look pale like a sick person. Besides, choose lipstick nude which has texture pigmented so that the surface of the dark lips can be directly covered perfectly.

Nude shade lipstick recommendations, including:

  • Purbasari Lip Matte – 8n1 and 90 Rp.25.000
  • Implora Urban Lip Cream Matte – 01 Rp20.000an
  • Rosé All Day Cosmetics Lip Mousse – Whitney Rp100.000
  • BLP Beauty Lip Coat – Maple Waffle Rp129.000

4. Dark Red

Red lipstick can not only make a fresh impression, but also give statement on your appearance. Using red lipstick for evening events can also make an impression glamor and elegant, you know. For owners of black lips, this color lipstick will also look perfect to cover the lips.

Shades The red color can almost be found in various lipstick brands, such as Wardah, Make Over, Maybelline, Revlon, BLP, Mineral Botanica, and many others.

5. Mauve

The lipstick color that is suitable for the next black lips is shade mauve. If burgundy and deep brown you think it’s too dark, mauve could be the best choice because it is not so dark but also not so bright as nudes.

Lipstick recommendation shade mauveincluding:

  • Make Over Instense Matte Lip Cream – Vanity Rp100.000
  • Emina Creamatte Lip Cream – Mauvelous Rp40.000an
  • PIXY Lip Cream– Chic Rose Rp40.000an

6. Orange

For owners of black lips but don’t like to use shade dark, just try using orange, which is a combination of orange and coral. This color is quite effective at hiding a slightly dark lip color.

Lipstick recommendation shade orange, including:

  • Maybelline Color Sensational the Powder Mattes – Coral Passion Rp40.000an
  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte – Flirtation Rp100.000
  • Implora Intense Matte Lipstick – Dirty Peach Rp20.000

Of the six lipstick colors that are suitable for black lips above, which one is your favourite?

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