Look Elegant with this Women’s Short Hairstyle

Looking beautiful and feminine is not always characterized by long hair. You can also look elegant with women’s short hairstyles as will be reviewed in this article. Listen carefully, maybe one of them can be used as a reference in styling your hair.

Long hair that dangles is the desire of most women’s hearts. However, some women also look attractive with short hair styles. You can still look feminine with a short haircut.

As the crown of women, caring for and managing it is a necessity. Don’t let your hair get messy. It would be a shame if the charm of your beauty fades because your hair is not well groomed.

First of all, choose a cut that suits your face shape. This is done so that the radiance of your face can come out to the maximum. Only then can you start experimenting with your hair.

The following are examples of short hairstyle inspiration for you. Just listen to the end so you can add references to stay confident even though you have short hair.

Choose Short Hair Models According to Face Shape

Source: British Vogue

If you want short hair, you should first pay attention to the shape of your face. Choosing a hairstyle is indeed everyone’s freedom. However, it would be a shame if your haircut doesn’t fit your face shape.

As a first step, first observe how the pattern of your face. Use a mirror to estimate the suitability of the face with the desired hairstyle. Besides looking in the mirror, you can also look at your own photos or do it selfie.

Observe your face in its most natural state. By observing the shape of your face, you will know if your face is round, square, oval, or diamond.

After that, you need to consider which short hair fits your facial structure. Look for references to women’s short hairstyles according to face shape to measure how short and which one suits you.

If you have a boyfriend or crush, you can ask him for advice. Thank goodness your boyfriend or crush wants to accompany you to the salon. However, maybe it’s rare for a man to want and feel at home waiting for his lover nyalon.

If you are single, you can invite your friends to the salon together. Who knows, your friend will treat you to a salon. However, it would be better if you don’t expect more to avoid feeling disappointed.

Short Hairstyles for Women Bob

Hairstyle bob This is a classic hairstyle. The cut is short, simple and practical.

This cut has been popular since World War I. At that time, many women began to cut their hair short for practical reasons.

Although classic, pieces bob This is probably a women’s short hairstyle that is still quite popular. This popularity gave birth to many variations of the model.

Here are some hair variations bob which can be an inspiration in arranging your women’s crown. If necessary, try everything in turn so that your appearance doesn’t seem monotonous.

1. Long Bob

Source: Instagram – atiqahhasiholan

You can still use the hairstyle bob even if you don’t like your hair too short. The name of this hairstyle is long bob. This model is often referred to as lob which stands for long bob.

Lobby is a shoulder-length short hairstyle. Not too long and not too short, but the ends of the hair are around the top or bottom of the shoulders.

For example so you can get an idea about the model lob For this, look at Atiqah Hasiholan’s photo above. How cute is Atiqah with a hairstyle lob-his. Although not long hair, still very feminine impression.

The ranks of other Indonesian artists who have looked charming with cuts lob among them is Dian Sastro. Apart from having a bit of a classic impression, this cut model gives an impression simple but still elegant.

2. Curly Bob

Source: Instagram – chelseaislan

Hair style bob curly or curl bob you can’t miss this. This women’s short hairstyle is suitable for use when attending your friend’s birthday party or invitation. Pair it with a charming dress, then you will feel like the most beautiful woman at the party.

For those of you who have naturally curly hair, you don’t need an electronic straightener to keep your hair straight. Now is the time to show off the natural texture of your hair with a sweet creation. Be confident with what you have naturally.

For those born with straight hair, there are many ways to style your hair to make it a little more curly. There are also many electronic hair curling tools such as curling wand, vise tools, and so on. However, be careful when using the tool because the heat it produces can damage your hair.

It would be better to use technique heatless curls. This method is more natural because without tools that generate heat. Examples of this natural technique are buns and braids.

3. Asymmetrical Bob

Source: British Vogue

Cut Variations bob The next is bob asymmetric. The purpose of this asymmetrical model is to create an illusion on the face. So you don’t need to be afraid anymore if your face is too oval, round, or square because this cut can adjust the shape of your face.

If you don’t believe me, you can see the artist’s picture Hollywood, Keira Knightley above. Keira’s face shape is actually a square. However, with the bob its asymmetry, its square face fades and looks slimmer.

For those of you who feel bored with a monotonous hairstyle, it is recommended to try this style. In addition to being modern, asymmetrical cuts can give the impression of a younger face. Add bangs if you want to look a little bit childlike.

If you want to appear bolder and stylish, Dye your hair in colors that don’t contrast with your skin tone. A little highlights will make you more beautiful.

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Look Simple with Pixie Cut

Source: Instagram – hannahalrashid

Emma Watson once surprised her fans around the world because of her very short haircut. His cut that almost resembles that of a man’s is that of a model pixie cut.

Pixie cut It was first popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s. At that time he appeared in a film called Roman Holiday. After her appearance in this film, many artists have followed this woman’s short hairstyle.

Do you dare to try pieces pixie cut this? Presumably there are several things to consider in shaping your hair into this model.

First is the type of hair. Pixie cut is a short hairstyle for thin, limp, and straight hair. However, the hair will not be too limp because this model relies on oil or grease gel for the arrangement.

The second is the shape and character of the face. Pixie cut not a short hairstyle for a round face. So if you have a round face, it’s not recommended to try it, unless your confidence level is very high.

With this super short hair, your face shape will be clearly visible. Eyes, nose, cheekbones, and attractive lips will match this cut very well.

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Stay Confident with Women’s Short Hairstyles

Those are some women’s short hairstyles that you can imitate. Whatever you choose, the key is confidence. Hopefully you can use it as inspiration in experimenting with your hair.

If you need information about other women, you can visit other articles on this site. Be a woman who has a lot of insight.

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