Lots of Choices and Great Pigmentation, Here Are Inez Eyeshadow Colors

You want to buy cheap, local, and quality eyeshadow? Just try Inez! The following is a full review of Inez’s eyeshadow colors.

eyeshadow Inez is indeed one of the many recommended by fans beauty influencer or well-known MUA. Besides being affordable, the texture is also creamy, pigmented, and with one swipe, the color immediately comes out. For beginners or those of you who are confused about buying eyeshadow Inez, here’s a full color review eyeshadow Inez is selling well.

Palette eyeshadow Inez’s 4 color contents are phenomenal. The packaging made of blue plastic with the words Inez is very distinctive. You also don’t need to worry or be sad because it is equipped with glass and brushes in it.

Color eyeshadow Inez – Venice has a feel eyeshadow which warmtone, with a choice of brown and brick red. This palette is perfect for beginners make-up because the color is natural and safe for all skin tone. In the Venice palette there are 4 colors eyeshadow beautiful, including:

  • Color copper (brick red) with shimmer which you can put in the lid or outer V.
  • Next color beige shimmer but glitterits not so coarse or large particles, pigmentedand creamy. You can put this on the lower eyelid to make make-up Korean style or placed in the inner corner.
  • The third is bronzethe brown color is more cool tone and there shimmer
  • Color eyeshadow The fourth Inez is dark brown matte but there are very few shimmer and can be applied to the outer V.

2. Inez Color Contour Plus Eyeshadow – Vienna

Source: shopee.co.id

Color eyeshadow Inez, which will be fully reviewed next, is still the same type of palette but with a different variant, namely Vienna. The following colors are included in the Vienna palette, including:

  • First, there is black with very little shimmer. eyeshadow his pigmentedno chalkyand have fall out a little bit.
  • Furthermore, a deep silver color with intensity shimmer a lot. This silver color is a bit cool tone with a little hint blue.
  • Third, there is a light gray color shimmer which pigmented and also creamy.
  • The fourth color in this Vienna palette is taupe matte. However, Compared to other colors, taupe not enough pigmented even hard enough to build-up eyeshadow this until it comes out.

3. Inez Natural Color Eyeshadow Palette

Source: shopee.co.id

Next up, there’s Inez Natural Color eyeshadow Palette with 15 colors eyeshadow which is fairly natural and wise as the name suggests. While the packaging is in the form of a black box made of plastic doff. 15 eyeshadow in this pallet consist of 5 matte eyeshadow and 10 shimmer eyeshadows. Here’s the color eyeshadow Inez at Natural Color eyeshadow Palettes, including:

  • Egyptian Sable (earth brown color matte)
  • Cognac (copper color shimmer)
  • Natural peach (golden color shimmer)
  • Gold shimmer (light gold color shimmer very young)
  • Mandarin (a faint orange to slightly yellow color).
  • Ruby (purplish brown color finish matte)
  • Pressed violet (the final purple color shimmer)
  • Wild rose (purple to pink color shimmer)
  • Sky blue (blue color shimmer)
  • Light gray (gray color shimmer)
  • Raw chestnut (terracotta orange color matte)
  • Golden nutmeg (light orange color shimmer)
  • Carnation (color peach matte)
  • Mint green (yellowish green color matte)
  • Spring buds (color lime green shimmer)

overall, 15 colors in the Inez Natural Color palette eyeshadow This palette is pigmented. butterybut some have texture chalkyand fall outits quite a lot.

If you want color eyeshadow Inez is more durable, has a modern impression and comes out of color, you should use eyeshadow bases first. Good luck!

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