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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin again brings tips for those of you who are preparing to let go of your inherent student title, namely the “magic” words spoken during the thesis trial.

Did you know that there are various magic words that you have to say during the thesis trial? Yes, friend, this is a collection of sentences that you must say for several sessions in the thesis exam in order to get a plus in the eyes of the examiner.

Curious? Come on, let’s see the review to the end!

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Time Before Answering Questions from Examiners

Illustration answering thesis trial (Photo: IDN Times)

Friend Zone, in the thesis exam, of course there are several questions that arise related to your thesis, whether from the content, research methods, research results, and so on. And Mimin guarantees, no matter how perfect your thesis is, there are bound to be questions from them.

For that, before answering questions from the examiner lecturer, Zone Buddy must say the sentence “OK, thank you sir / madam for the question” or when you will answer the question at the end, you can use the sentence “Thank you sir / madam, the question from the father / mother I will accommodate and answer at the end of the session”.

By saying this sentence, Friend Zone gives the impression that you respect the examiner lecturer, and of course it will add plus points during the thesis trial later.

When Examiners Give Feedback

Illustration of receiving input from lecturers (Photo: Hipwee)

The thesis that you have done in earnest will still have gaps to get input from the examiner, even the supervisor. There are also magic words, which you must say after he gives input and suggestions, namely “Thank you for your input sir/buk, these suggestions are very useful for improving my thesis”.

This statement indicates that you appreciate the lecturer who conveys his thoughts to complete the thesis you are working on. Don’t forget to say it, okay?

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When Asking Examiners to Repeat Comments/Questions

Illustration of examiners giving feedback (Photo: Facetofeet.com)

When facing a thesis trial, there are times when your focus is divided, so you don’t understand the intent of the examiner or supervisor when they submit comments and questions.

If you want to ask the examiner to repeat a comment or question to the examiner, say the magic sentence “Sorry sir/madam, I don’t understand the question/comment. Can you repeat the question?”

By saying this sentence, Friend Zone gives the impression of being polite and honest if you don’t understand, rather than just being silent and pretending to understand, but the results are not in accordance with his questions or comments.

When Examiners Find Errors in Thesis

Illustration of a lecturer finding an error in a thesis (Photo: Washilah)

His name is human, no matter how perfect we are, there will definitely be mistakes that escape our sight. When the examiner finds an error in your thesis, say “Sorry sir/madam, this is indeed my fault. At that time I did not do (what the lecturer commented on), because I missed/for one reason or another. I will correct my mistakes.”

These words signify that you are responsible for what you did wrong. After that, don’t forget to write down these mistakes to be material for revision of your thesis later.

The “Magic” Words Spoken During Thesis Session

Alright, Zone Buddy! A few tips from Mimin regarding the “magic” words spoken during the thesis trial. Hopefully this review is useful for final students who are preparing for a thesis trial as well as students who want to find out, so they can be prepared when facing a thesis later.

Mimin, goodbye, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website post notifications for other interesting info about lectures and students. See you later!

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