Make Money on the Internet For Beginners, Do These 5 Things (2021)

Who doesn’t want to make money online through the internet? I will share 5 ways to make money via the internet for beginners or students without having to spend big capital.

2020 is a pretty tough year. Especially if it wasn’t because of the Covid-19. This virus easily spread throughout the world, claimed lives, and paralyzed the country’s economy.

Not infrequently we hear the word new normal. Yes, since this pandemic emerged, we have to make many changes – from the habits of daily life as well as from the work side.

Gratitude is stillkeep same company. I, who just graduated from college this year, had to rack my brain to find money because it was difficult to get a job.

Not to mention those who have been laid off, they must also be dizzy thinking about the costs of family expenses that keep going. Come on, instead of complaining, it’s no use, it’s better to find a solution.

Golden opportunity in the digital world

Talking about digital, actually not a new thing anymore. Moreover, nowadays, the internet is like a basic human need, agree?

Surely you can’t imagine what it’s like to live everyday without the internet. Communication with friends or family, on line. Watch gossip or news, on line. Shopping, on line. order meal, on line.

Looking for money? Should be able on line too donk!

Think about it, what are the richest people in the world doing? Just look at Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook, Jack Ma who owns Alibaba.

They collect the coffers of wealth via the internet alias online on line right?

Well, while now again stuck I can’t go anywhere at home, I have internet at home, right? (who don’t have a game to install). Better try to find a business idea that can be done online.

How to make money online or online?

You’re lucky you’re reading my blog because I’ll tell you some ways you can make money online on line.

Here are 5 ways to make money online or online:

1. Selling goods online

Surely the first thing that comes to your mind is online selling. Basically, humans do live from buying and selling activities, those who study economics will understand.

Lately, I’ve also seen a lot of friends starting to offer goods through social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

You can also try to make money online. For example, if you are good at cooking or making cakes, you can use it as a product for your business on line. If you can knit or DIY cute things, you can sell them too.

Even used clothes that you don’t wear anymore can be sold too, it’s okay if you can add more space wardrobe (as long as it’s in good condition).

Besides that, you can also be reseller who took things from online shop another and resell at a profit from the increased price of the goods.

You can also use the system dropshipi.e. the goods you sell are sent directly by suppliers to customer directly without you having to spend capital to stock goods.

Or, try selling digital products For example, lightroom presets, ebooks, software, etc.

The important thing is to start first, while walking while learning about trends in the market, marketing tools anything you can use – for example facebook adsselling in marketplace Indonesia, and other techniques that can increase sales.

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Make Money on the Internet For Beginners, Do These 5 Things (2021)

2. Become a blogger and make money from blogs

This is what I’m focusing on now, developing my personal blog so I can make money. Actually, I’ve been blogging for a long time, it’s just that it’s not focused.

Because of this pandemic, that’s why I’m back again writing content on the blog, it turns out that there is a positive side too. Now I am more consistent in writing blogs and see results trafficis increasing.

Since I blogged, I’ve been able to job paid either in writing articles or following media trip also, because of my blog nicheher in traveling.

make money online
Examples of paid trips that I get as a blogger

You must be curious. How can blogging make money? How to do?

Some sources of income that you can get through a blog are by:

  • Google Adsensenamely ads displayed through your blog by Google.
  • Content Placementnamely placing article content on your blog that is paid for by other companies or brands for promotional purposes or getting backlinks.
  • Affiliate Marketing, which is to put a link directed to a particular site and when a sale occurs, you will get a commission. Check my previous post about how affiliate marketing works.

Well, I mentioned above are just a few ways to make money blogging. You can read more details on other blogs.

Do you have to be good at writing? Yes no too. The good thing is having your own blog, you can determine your writing style, the topics you want to discuss, the important thing is there value for readers.

How do you make a blog?

You can use wordpress platform, the same I’m using now. Then, buy hosting and also a domain name. Hosting is a service for storing data so that it can be accessed by the internet.

While the domain is the address of your blog, for example my blog’s domain is Just go to Ipadguides or Exabytes Indonesia.

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3. Brand endorsed as influencer or youtuber

Millennials gang raise your hands first! Looking at social media, it seems that it’s really easy to make money. Just accept endorse and upload Just photos or videos can earn money.

Actually, it’s easy to say or not, the name of each sustenance is different, right. But there’s no harm in trying.

make money through instagram endorsements
When I can endorse on Instagram

Can you decide first, do you want to be an influencer via Instagram or YouTube? The only difference is that on YouTube the content is more in the form of videos. You can try both too.

On YouTube, you can earn money through advertisements, just like blogs. While Instagram seems more suitable for receiving endorse from brands.

Create content that suits you, for example, if you are good at make-up, you can make video tutorials about make-up. Those who like to play games can make videos screaming like PewDieDie (just kidding, haha).

The tips for being an influencer in my opinion are just being yourself and being diligent in creating content. In order to be diligent in creating content, you must have the intention and like what you are doing.

In a previous article, I discussed in more detail about Instagram marketing, especially adding Instagram followers organically. Please those who are interested so instagram influencers readable.

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Make Money on the Internet For Beginners, Do These 5 Things (2021)

4. Offering services through online freelance sites

During this pandemic, freelancing opportunities are even more boomlol! The reason might be because it’s now a business shifting from offline going to on line, demand for entertainment-related content is also increasing.

Mobilization is difficult, the average must be WFH (work from home). company too prefer to hire freelancers whose concept is more project-based so there is no need for a long term contract.

If you have skills such as – graphic design, copywriting, social media management, web developer, translationeditor, basically a job with only a computer/laptop and internet, it’s better to do it freelancer just.

It’s good to be freelanceryou can work independently remote or wherever you like. The time is also more flexible, as long as project given is complete.

Many sites freelancer which you can check to find freelancing jobwhich I use the most is Fastwork.

RateYou also determine according to the competence you have.

5. Sharing knowledge through online learning

This method is more or less common in Indonesia, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Now several platforms have appeared online learning in Indonesia.

Market online learning in the world today reached US$ 59.83 billion in 2019! Try to calculate for yourself how much in rupiah. Coupled with the pandemic conditions, the public’s interest in learning is also getting higher on line.

If you feel that you have sufficient insight about certain things, there is nothing wrong with trying, after all, sharing knowledge is also part of the reward.

Benefits of online learning what is different from learning directly in class or school is that you can achieve audience wider. In a class with a maximum of 50 people, via the internet you can teach hundreds or even thousands of people.


It is not easy to face a pandemic situation full of uncertainty. But, life must go on, right?

Maybe you are confused about where to start in order to make money via the internet, it takes time too. As long as you are creative and willing to try, the Almighty will surely give you a way.

There are still many other things that you can try to make money on the internet, such as doing online surveythere are also those who just watch videos or click on ads, I’ve never tried it so I can’t explain in detail.

Take the time to read more or add skills new. Now looking for information is easy, just check on the internet. Where do you know there is opportunity which you can get via the internet. Stay positive!

I hope you can soon make money online!

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