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During high school and college, I was a very shy person. Nervous about talking to people, rarely leaves the house, and rarely tries new things.

Until one day, for a business, I had to go to a village on the south coast of West Java alone. Yes, the timid me left without anyone’s company.

I don’t believe it myself.

Along the way I’ve been imagining bad things that will happen to me there. You know..it’s like imagining I will be kidnapped by the interior tribes, and then married off to the chief’s son..who is also a boy.

However, when I was there, in fact what happened was that I always met good people.

When I arrived at night, I was just dropped off by a public transport driver on the beach, I was walking aimlessly. I get lost, literally. But a fisherman who was lifting fish took me to his house. With suspicion, I agreed. I was treated to fresh fish and listened to the stories of the fishermen. I was forced to listen and share the story too.

And, hey, being able to chat fluently with strangers was a huge achievement for me back then! Even if you have to, hehe.

I did not like to refuse when offered to stay at his house.

“The place you are going is still far away, tomorrow morning just continue the journey,” said the fisherman with a smile.

Now, I just believe that God always sends good people to help travelers.

Maybe since then, I’ve become no longer afraid to travel, even become addicted.

And, I also wrote on the paper pasted on the wall of the room containing my wishes: Explore all of Indonesia, at least have set foot in all provinces in your 20s, and after that explore the world!


Above the peak of Rinjani

Now, four years after that, out of 34 provinces, there are only nine that I have never visited.

I love photography. And because of that, I can travel a lot to many places for free, even get paid.

But, believe me, Indonesia is amazing! Maybe on the internet you have seen photos of the beauty of Mount Rinjani, under the sea of ​​Raja Ampat, or the lush jungle in Kalimantan. But you have to see for yourself with your own eyes!

Traveling will open your mind. Accept differences and learn to tolerate. Experience how to be a minority. Because life is really a journey.

One morning when I was at the top of Mount Rinjani, the first mountain peak I visited, a foreigner suddenly said to me, “Your country is very beautiful, mate.”

I couldn’t help but smile and say, “Yes, indeed!”

Now I just want to travel more.

To make it happen to travel the world!

So, now it’s your turn. What will you do in your 20s to achieve your dreams? Let’s share it on twitter with the hashtag #makeithappen

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