Makeup Gems to Try in Your Free Time

Like to dress up and confused looking for activities to fill your spare time? Practice these cute makeups, come on!

There are always many ways to pass the spare time. Apart from reading inspirational quotes in PosKata or your favorite books, you can also hone other skills, from cooking to learning makeup.

If you prefer to dress up, there are some adorable makeup looks that you can try when you’re bored at home and lazy to go out. Maybe after trying it, you will find that you have the talent to become a professional MUA (makeup artist).

What makeup looks can you try while spending time at home? If you can’t wait to read the full information, just read the information below until it’s finished, OK? Happy reading!

1. Simple Character Makeup

First, you can try applying simple character makeup to fill your spare time. There are several popular character makeup that beauty vloggers often try out, as you can see on MoiAmor.

There, there are character makeup tutorials where faces can be decorated with rainbow paintings or galaxy pictures. The cosmetics used are also easily available at drug stores, considering that the images needed only require colorful eye shadow, foundation, and contour or highlighter.

In addition to painting rainbows and galaxies, you can have the makeup of animal characters, such as rabbits, cats, or deer. If you want something even more excited, there are clown character makeup to Harley Quinn that you can try, you know!

2. Animated Character Makeup

Source: Twitter – QueenofLuna

Next, you can experiment with makeup into animated characters, for example with makeup like Disney princesses. A beauty vlogger named Sara once uploaded photos of her dressing up as Yasmin, Belle, Elsa, to Mulan.

He even uses the hijab he wears to be shaped like the hair of the princess characters in the Disney films. You can see the results for yourself in the photo above. So the more interested to try it, right?

To try, you may have to put in a bigger effort. The reason is, for this one makeup you don’t only need cosmetics, but also supporting costumes. Even so, it’s still worth practicing if you like makeup.

3. Barbie Doll’s Makeup

Not only character and animation makeup, you can also try Barbie doll-style makeup. You can easily find tutorial videos scattered on YouTube. For your information, Barbie-style makeup is quite popularly used by women in Indonesia, you know.

Mostly, Barbie makeup is worn at important events such as wedding receptions. Well, it seems that it’s not in vain if you study this excited makeup. If you are skilled, it’s okay if you become MUA for your close friends or relatives on their happy day. What are you waiting for? Come on, try to practice!

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