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From the end of Halmahera.

To the far southeast.

Sac all brothers.

sweet ambon

The plane belonging to Squadron 4 C212 took off from Ternate’s Sultan Babulah airport carrying a time capsule expedition team to the next province: Maluku. There are seven crew members on this military ship made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia. This twin turbopop engine can carry 20 people with a maximum cruising speed of 150 knots.

Don’t imagine a plane that is as comfortable as a commercial plane. There are no aerobridges or stairs when we board the plane, we have to pass through the ‘buttocks’ of the plane to enter this plane.

tacky you mz..

Indeed, nothing in-flight entertainmentt to watch your favorite movie, but the show of the pilots right in front of us operating hundreds of instrument buttons like in war movies already looks very exciting! The sound of the old turbopop propeller engine was indeed quite noisy, but in fact several people from the time capsule expedition team were still fast asleep from exhaustion.

“This plane was made in 1985, it’s quite old. But don’t worry, the pilots here are far above commercial planes,” said Mas Dika, the captain of this flight.

The aircraft flies over an altitude of no more than 10,000 feet, much lower than jumbo jet owned by Boeing or Airbus, so that Ambon Bay is clearly visible when the plane enters Maluku Province. The captain landed his plane smoothly on the Pattimura military airstrip. The capsule was immediately received by the Maluku provincial regional committee, which was represented by the Maluku local government.


Ambon peace gong

The convoy of cars carrying time capsules started from the VIP room of the Pattimura military airstrip, speeding towards the Al Fatah Mosque in downtown Ambon, before being paraded to the ceremony site at Gong Peace. We passed a large yellow sign on the side of the road facing Ambon Bay which read, “AMBON CITY OF MUSIC”. Even in the car the music is playing slow rock the 80s until the Ambon dangdut made us unconsciously follow the rhythm.

The red and white bridge that never ends

Arriving at the Al Fatah mosque, the capsule was immediately paraded by flag-raising troops, marching bands, and school children. Residents on the street took pictures and enlivened the capsule convoy along the road. The capsules which were heavy enough for the paskibra to not be carried were taken over by the Satpol PP, which was strong enough to be transported to the Peace Gong.

The choir accompaniment accompanied the reading of my shy dreams in front of the Ambon peace gong. Hot afternoon. The sky is blue. Sweat dripping. But seven children dressed in my shameful traditional dress loudly recited my seven shameful dreams

Ambon city

“We dream of Maluku becoming a world tourist destination and becoming the maritime center of Indonesia,” said a little lady in a white kebaya and a red long skirt typical of Maluku, who read out one of the seven dreams.

For some people, eastern Indonesia is the pearl of marine tourism. There is no denying the natural beauty of eastern Indonesia. Ambon as one of the pearls must continue to protect its nature and culture so that the dream of becoming a major marine tourism destination in Indonesia is not just a dream.

“I dreamed that my shame didn’t go out of power all the time. Electricity is free. I was ripped off it was all very expensive!” said an old man who suddenly shouted from the crowd.


The event closed with a choir singing the song “Maluku Pusaka” which tells about everyone from the tip of Halmahera to Maluku, all of them are brothers. Sac all brothers.

After the ceremony, the capsules were taken around the city of Ambon to take pictures with the monuments of the heroes of Maluku: Pattimura, Christina Matatialahu and Dr. Leimena

Natsepa Beach salad with spices and Ambon fried bananas closed the afternoon of the time capsule expedition team. A tinge of red-orange on the western horizon accompanied the hot coffee and the team’s conversation about the two remaining provinces.

Rujak Natsepa


The governor’s office in Maluku that morning was quite noisy. There was an army marching band singing the song Maju Tak Gentar, hundreds of soldiers entered through the two entrances to the ceremonial field with precise steps following the strains of the marching band. The release of the time capsule expedition car carried out by the head of the Maluku Satpol PP representing the Governor who was having a ceremony with the soldiers to return to the Patitmura military runway.

good afternoon

The team and the time capsule returned to the TNI’s C212 plane. As the plane took off, the horseshoe-shaped bay of Ambon was seen from behind the plane window saying goodbye. Next, the team will stop at the island where the bird from heaven is perched, Papua!

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