Mama Giselle’s Madame Gie Lipstick Review

Before buying Mamanya Gempita’s lipstick, you should check out the full review and swatches of all Madame Gie’s lipstick colors here.

Madame Gie’s cosmetic brand must be familiar, right? One of the cosmetic brands that have lipstick prices affordable this is so many fans. How not, the average price of 1 Madame Gie lipstick is less than Rp. 20,000.

So, don’t be surprised if tens of thousands of products have been sold. For you and your friends who are interested in buying the lipstick, here is the full review Madame Gie’s lipstick color.


The following are 10 colors of Madame Gie Brilliant Moist Velvet & Smooth Lip Liquide, including:

  • 301 Cinderella (natural pink color like real lip color)
  • 302 Venus (the color is like burnt rose with warm undertone. The color of the lipstick is not so boldbut not nude)
  • 303 Shimma (dark pink color with hint orange or more to color terracotta)
  • 304 Angelic (color nude peach with hint chocolate)
  • 305 Bittens (shade it’s darker than shade 30, it’s just this undertone its more of a chocolate)
  • 306 Envy (brown color but with neutral undertone)
  • 307 Mesmerize (a pale pink color that is perfect for base ombre lipstick or make-up character)
  • 308 Prism (color nude peach pale, good to wear alone and even better when worn as a ombre base)
  • 309 Breezy (color nude pink that is to cool tone)
  • 310 Frisky (the color is nude purple which makes the face look a little pale)

The lipstick packaging is made of plastic which is not sturdy enough, the applicator is also a bit difficult to get the product in the bottle so it requires 2 to 3 dips for the entire lips. However, the pigmentation is very good because it can cover the entire surface of your natural lips, it feels comfortable without making the lips dry. For lipsticks in the range of Rp. 20,000 – Rp. 30,000, this is worth it very.

2. Madame Gie Matte Lipstick Magnifique Lip Crayon Color


Here 6 Madame Gie’s lipstick color Magnifique Lip Crayon Matte, including:

  • Matte 601 mauve color
  • Matte 602 nude coral color with a hint of hint chocolate
  • Matte 603 natural pink color is a bit neon and makes the face brighter
  • Matte 604 orange color
  • Matte 605 dark berry color
  • Matte 606 dark peach color

The lipstick is in the shape of crayon which must be rotated to remove the product. The texture of this lipstick matte and quicklyset on the lips yet feels light, long lasting, comfortable and beautiful. Disadvantages of shape lipstick crayon is easy to break because it is too hard.

3. Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Liquide


Then there is Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Liquide which is divided into 3 variants when it was first launched. There are 3 choices of lipstick color shades from Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Liquide series, such as pink, nudeand red.

Here are 12 colors of Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Liquide lipstick that smell like cinnamon cake, including:

  • 401 (pink doll bright)
  • 402 (pink is softer with hint little peach
  • 403 (pink fuschia slightly lit)
  • 404 (pale pink nude)
  • 405 (nude little chocolate mauve)
  • 406 (deeper nude but there is hint burnt rose which warmtone)
  • 407 (nude with hint orange)
  • 408 (nude with hint corals)
  • 409 (red with undertone slightly pink)
  • 410 (pure red / red chili)
  • 411 (red with hint orange)
  • 412 (red is more cooltone)

Suggestions for owners of lips that tend to be dry, you should wear lip balm before applying Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Liquide.

of the three series, Madame Gie’s lipstick color Which one has caught your attention and made you buzz?

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