Marketing Strategy to Boost Book Sales Online

Marketing Strategy to Boost Book Sales Online
Marketing Strategy to Boost Book Sales Online

Today’s business world is increasingly in demand by all circles. Especially online-based businesses.

You will find a lot of online businesses scattered in cyberspace. This is not without reason, but because it is indeed more profitable to do business online.

In addition, there are still many opportunities that have not been fully utilized by the majority of people. For example, selling books online, it turns out that this business opportunity is still wide open for those of you who intend to do business in this field.

Business in this field is very much in demand. Apart from being more practical and easier to do, the price of the books offered is also considered cheaper.

The product that will be received is also the same, there is no difference. So one of the plus points is, buyers don’t have to worry about the product not being suitable.

Because as long as you know the title of the book, then the goods you will get will certainly be as expected.

Unlike the online clothing business, the buyer must have more or less doubts about whether or not the product matches what he imagined. With the increasing level of competition in the online business.

Especially in this case the online book business, then you need special techniques and strategies so that your business runs smoothly. Here we will provide a marketing strategy to boost sales.

Marketing Strategy to Boost Book Sales Online

1. Set Up an Online Store

Not only offline businesses need to have a shop, online businesses also need to have a shop. But the difference is that your shop is also online.

Make your online store as attractive as possible, with creative designs and user interfaces that potential buyers can easily understand. Arrange book products according to categories, don’t mix them up, so that it is easier for buyers to choose the books they are interested in.

Also try to make your online store accessible via smartphone. Because as we know most people access the internet through this device compared to using other devices such as laptops or PCs.

And will provide plus points for your online store, if you create a special application that can be downloaded by potential buyers.

2. Provide books with various types

If you want a wider market share, then you need to provide many kinds and categories of books. Starting from children, religion, lessons, novels, motivation, tutorials and so on.

In addition, provide a complete description, such as book cover, price, book synopsis, and others.

That way, potential customers of your online bookstore will feel easier and they won’t be confused or wrong in choosing a book.

3. Collaborate with Publishers

The next strategy you can apply is to work with book publishers. By working with a publisher, you will get a cheaper purchase price, so that you can sell it at a lower price.

Prospective buyers will of course compare the prices offered by each online store.

If they see that the price offered by you is considered cheaper than others, they will automatically tend to choose to buy books at your online store.

You do not work with just one publisher, but try to work with many other publishers. Make sure that the publisher you are aiming for is a publisher that often publishes best-selling books.

So you will benefit more. Selling cheap doesn’t mean you will make a small profit in the future.

Indeed, if it is calculated in units, your profit will be small, but if you buy a lot of books, then your profit will eventually be many times over.

4. Give Promo

The next way is to give a promo. Promos always succeed in attracting buyers. So here we think you need to provide promotions for your products. In providing this promo, you need to pay attention to timing.

The right time to give promos, for example, during the new year, the month of Ramadan and others.

Promos can be in the form of discounted prices, free shipping, distribution of souvenirs, or best seller book prizes for a number of book purchases. This method can boost your online book sales.

Marketing Strategy to Boost Book Sales Online

5. Active on Social Media

Selling online, of course, requires you to be active on social media. It’s like owning a shop, you have to stay in the shop.

Because if the store is left too often, it will give a bad image in the eyes of buyers.

Build your community by leveraging social media. Do promos for your products regularly so that people know what’s new in your store.

Do short promos, direct them to directly visit your online store that is already available.

How to Provide the Best Service for Consumers?

6. Provide the best service for consumers

The next way to make your online book business busy with buyers is to provide the best service for consumers. Especially for those who are subscribed to your online store.

Be quick to respond to every question that is asked, even if the question is not too important, or actually their question has the answer in your online store, so it’s good to direct them to visit it immediately.

As a seller, you should be able to be patient with consumers. Because with good service, consumers will be satisfied and that will open up opportunities for them to recommend your online bookstore to their relatives, friends and acquaintances.

So automatically, your potential customers will increase. You need to know, a recommendation from someone who is trusted has a greater chance of making transactions in the future.

7. Build E-Mail Marketing

It is very important for you to build an online store that is integrated with e-mail marketing.

So that when a consumer creates an account at an online store that you manage, he will automatically be included in your e-mail marketing network.

The function of this e-mail marketing later is so that your communication with consumers or potential customers is maintained.

In addition, you can also use it to share information related to promos, events and new products. Broadly speaking, the function of e-mail marketing is almost the same as social media.

Marketing Strategy to Boost Book Sales Online

8. Branding and Positioning

Branding and positioning are two very important things to build your business. Branding is a strategy that aims to create and enlarge the image of a brand.

So the purpose of branding is not only so that your product sells well, but is more intended so that customers can see your brand as the best among several available options.

When you already have a brand with a strong image, it will automatically affect the results of your book sales. Positioning is a stage in product design and marketing in order to create a positive impression for consumers.