Maximizing Under Stair Space. Transformed into a Bathroom to a Super Cozy TV Room

The area under the stairs often escapes our attention, it is undeniable that its location is rarely touched by family activities, but actually if you pay a little attention to the area under the stairs you can turn it into a more useful space such as turning it into a TV room, workspace, even a place to store your collection of items, let’s see how to make the staircase area more functional below!

Minimalist Garden Under Stairs

Do you have a second floor residence where the stairs to the top floor are on the side or back of the house? You can turn the space underneath into a beautiful garden with simple decorations, you can plant ornamental grass and then place potted plants around it.

Turn the Area Under the Stairs into a Workplace

For one workaholic Having your own workspace is a dream that you definitely want to realize, if you are one of those people, don’t wait long to have a comfortable workspace because you can use the area under the stairs as a workspace, especially for those of you who work as a tailor or just a hobby. Use minimalist furniture so that the area under your stairs doesn’t look cramped later, also install shelves as file storage or sewing equipment.


Cozy TV Room Under the Stairs

Maximizing the area under the stairs, you can then use it for the TV room where all family members gather. You don’t need to put too much furniture, just use a mat or carpet, but if you prefer to sit while watching TV then use a long bench with a medium size. For a cooler and fresher impression of the TV room, place some indoor plants around it.


area under the stairs is a family favorite hangout place

Creating a space for relaxing coffee with family doesn’t have to require a special room, you can take advantage of the area under the stairs. Just put a chair puff

and coffee table only you can make space coffee for the family, to make it look more attractive and artistic you can give paint with a different color tone colorful.

Bathroom Under Stairs

Has it ever crossed your mind to make a guest bathroom in the area under the stairs? Even though it looks extreme, it doesn’t mean you can’t, but when you decide to make a bathroom in the area under the stairs, you need to consider the size of the furniture such as the bathroom tub that you will use.

Maximizing the Space Under the Stairs for Goods Storage

This last method is quite simple and you will definitely need, namely using the space under the stairs as storage, it can be furniture that is intentionally collected, shoes or used clothes that are no longer used. You can use cabinets or shelves that are specifically designed for the area under the stairs.


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