Maybelline Highlighters and their Prices in Indonesia

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Maybelline highlighters and their prices will help you find the right product. Here are the types of Maybelline highlighters.

Of course you will be happy if the make-up produced makes the face more glowing. In addition to using skincare before make-up, the use of highlighter is also needed for maximum results. As a recommendation, Maybelline highlighters and their prices are for you to consider.

This Maybelline highlighter has a creamy texture that is easy to apply to the face. With tube-shaped packaging, this product is safe to carry when traveling without having to worry about the product being scattered. In addition, the use of this highlighter is also very easy. You only need to apply it using your finger to make it look more glowing, but still natural.

Maybelline highlighter itself contains Micro Pearl Liquid Formula which is able to produce makeup with a natural shine. In addition, you can also use it as a make-up base to produce a dewy make-up look.

In using this product you need to lock it using powder. Although it produces a dewy look, this product will not make facial skin oily. In addition, this product is also suitable for all skin types.

If you are interested in using this product, there are 2 colors to choose from, namely Nude and Pink. The Nude shade is suitable for those of you who have warm undertones. While the Pink shade is suitable for you with pink undertones. Packaged with a product size of 18 ml, Maybelline Highlighter and this price can be purchased at a price of around 99 thousand rupiah.

2. Maybelline Master Strobing Stick

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This Maybelline highlighter comes in a stick form which is easy to use. The shape of this stick will make it easier for you to apply it on your face without dirtying your fingers.

Just like the Maybelline highlighter cream, this Maybelline highlighter also contains Micro Fine Pearl which will make the face look more natural. Its creamy formula with fine shimmer will produce a natural shine effect.

Interestingly, Maybelline highlighter is suitable for all skin types. With a non-comedogenic formula, it will not clog facial pores and is safe for use by sensitive skin owners.

Even though it is in stick form, the texture of this highlighter is very creamy. You don’t have to be afraid to use it too much. This product is easy to blend and you can spread it evenly by patting the product.

This Maybelline highlighter has 2 shades to choose from, namely Light and Nude. You can get this product for around 129 thousand rupiah.

3. Maybelline Master Chrome

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You will get a metallic effect after using this highlighter product. Packaged in a compact form, this highlighter is easy to apply to several parts of the face. You can brush it with your finger or by using a brush to apply this highlighter.

The creamy texture of the highlighter gives this product a good pigmentation. In addition, the particles of this highlighter are also very smooth and not powdery when applied to the face. However, this product is not equipped with a brush and if dropped, the product will be prone to breakage.

This Maybelline product also has 5 shades that you can choose according to your skintone. The shades from this Maybelline highlighter are Molten Gold, Molten Peach, Molten Rose Gold, Molten Topaz, and Nikkeitutorials Exclusive.

The size is quite large with a price of around 150 thousand rupiah, it is very face because it can be used repeatedly. In addition, the lifetime of this highlighter is also very long, which is 2 years.

Knowing Maybelline highlighters and their prices can help you find the right highlighter for your needs at a price that fits your pocket to avoid that tempting online loan. In addition, don’t get the wrong shade in choosing a highlighter!

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