Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl Mascara, Cheap Mascara with Best Results

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Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl Mascara can be a mainstay product, because the price is affordable but quality.

Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl Mascara is one of the most popular Maybelline products in Indonesia. Not only is the formula interesting to try, the price of this mascara is also relatively more affordable compared to other Maybelline mascaras.

You can try using this Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl Mascara to get thicker eyelashes. In addition, this mascara is also comfortable for beginners to use, you know?

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This Maybelline product is packed with black and pink dominance. The elegant impression of this mascara will be seen from afar, even though when you just bought it it was not included in the box.

Even so, you don’t have to worry about the packaging of this product will break or the contents will come out, because when you buy it, it is sealed using plastic wrap and cardboard. In addition, the packaging of this mascara is also quite sturdy, you know?

With packaging that is quite fat, it is quite easy for you to hold it. Besides that, the packaging of this mascara too travel friendly which will make it easier for you to carry it when traveling.

The applicator of Maybelline mascara is also quite unique. While many mascaras on the market use a straight applicator, this applicator from Maybelline mascara is actually designed with a curved shape. This then makes it easier for you to apply it directly without making the area around the eyes become smudged.

This Maybelline mascara comes in a 9 ml size. Even though it looks a little bit, you can use this mascara on a daily basis more efficiently. This is because you only need to apply one stroke and the results will make your eyelashes thicker.

2. Claim

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This mascara from Maybelline is claimed to be able to make eyelashes 4 times thicker than natural eyelashes. In addition, this mascara also has a formula waterproof which can last all day.

With existing claims, this product is always in demand in the market. You can immediately try using Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl Mascara which will make the mascara thicker without the hassle of using false eyelashes.

3. Formula

Maybelline mascara has a formula that waterproof. This is what then makes this mascara more durable to use all day. So, you also don’t have to worry about the mascara coming off when exposed to water.

In addition, this mascara is also light to use. Once applied, the lashes will not feel heavy. As a result, eyelashes still look natural and thicker than if you don’t use mascara.

As a friend quipped, “there is a price for the goods”, even so, the results of this mascara are not as dramatic as Maybelline’s other mascaras. This is of course comparable to the price of Maybelline mascara which is less than 100 thousand rupiah.

How to Use Maybelline Mascara

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Maybelline mascara is quite easy to use because it is supported by an applicator that curves according to the curve of the eyelashes. This kind of applicator is also easy for beginners to use without worrying about imperfect results.

To make it easier to apply mascara, you need to curl your lashes first. This is so that the eyelashes become thicker and longer after using mascara.

How to use mascara just need to rub the mascara into the eyelashes. Blend the mascara until it reaches the desired result. You can rub it many times to get thicker eyelashes.

Using Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl Mascara will help you get eye makeup to be more attractive. With only 60 thousand rupiah, you can get cheap mascara with the best quality.

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