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After a night in Jeonju, we headed back to Seoul. The place we visited the next day was Dongdaemun (东大门). This is one of the biggest shopping areas in Seoul.

Morning, afternoon, evening, night, this area will still be open twenty-four hours. For those who are crazy about shopping, please stop by here. From cheap street clothes to clothes worth hundreds of thousands of won here.

Doota Mall.

But my friends had other plans that morning. We’re going to the most phenomenal Korean drama shooting locations in 2016: Descendants of the Sun!

It’s not a shooting location. Just a replica. It’s located in DOOTA free duty store, one of the shops in Dongdaemun. The exhibition opened in May 2016, and is planned to remain open until the end of the year.

Army barracks where “red wine kiss”

The place is not too wide. The most interesting thing is the family room in the army barracks. Exactly like the one in the movie.

Meet Song Joong Ki!….yeah…

Even though there are many replicas of Song Joong Ki aka Captain Yoo Si Jin, but I didn’t find the cute female cast. Why??? Where’s lieutenant Yoon Myeong-ju???

Medi Cube

There’s also a lot of descendant-themed merchandise here that you can buy. I bought a Tote bag for $17. Use dollar cuy here haha.

I was not here long because the place is not big. Most of my female friends immediately split up to shop. Meanwhile I exited the mall and crossed to a place that had caught my eye since the gate.

Dongdaemun Art Hall!

In this long metal building with a checkered texture, there are many exhibitions of Korean art and culture. But I didn’t have time to go inside, because it took too long to take pictures outside, my bus had come to pick me up. (I’m on a tour organized by the Korea Tourism Organization). Next time I go to Seoul, I will take the time to go inside here.

You can take handsome photos at the Dongdaemun Art Hall
Boyband failed photo.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Times in the middle of Seoul

The next place we visited was a river called Cheonggyecheon Stream. This time it was just a place where the water passed unnoticed, covered by a bridge. But since 2005 this time it has been transformed into a beautiful park that divides the city of Seoul.

If only Jakarta had a place like Cheonggyecheon Stream.

The water is like a river in the mountains. There’s a mini waterfall at the far end Cheonggye Plaza which gives a cool impression because of the sounds of falling water. Drops of water sometimes hit our cheeks when we go down the stairs next to this waterfall.

Mejeng first

On both sides of the river are colorful flowers in pots hanging on the walls. Green umbrellas hung just above the stream. Every few tens of meters there are stones arranged for us to cross to the other side.

Relax at Cheonggyecheon Stream

Many office people are taking their afternoon break here. Holding cups of coffee, they walk to rest their legs from sitting in chairs since morning. The cool autumn air also makes the atmosphere more serene.

I really like this place. Besides being comfortable for cello walks, this place is also very instagram-able.

Finally saw the ladies with shiny faces like in the drama!

Today we also watched another dance performance, having previously been fascinated by Fireman’s performance. His name is Sachoom Dance. (Sachoom Theater, Cinecoa Building, Insadong. Website)

“Sachoom” is a musical dance show that has a simpler plot than Fireman, but the dance moves are much more varied and more numerous. During our show, the story shown is about the life of a human being from birth to adulthood.

Don’t be afraid you won’t understand Korean, because the show is purely non-verbal. The audience is also invited to participate in several parts as ice breaking so that it is not just a dance.

The dance genres are really mixed. From KPOP, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary dance, to break dancing. It’s really cool anyway! You can see the snippet in my vlog on youtube. *promotion again*

For those who want to see the video version, please click play directly below! Thank You!

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