Melaney Ricardo’s Diet Secrets Who Are Getting Slimmer & Flat Stomach at 42 Years Old


One of the celebrities who are increasingly looking slim is Melaney Ricardo. What is the secret of Melaney Ricardo’s diet, which is getting more beautiful and slim ahead of his 42nd birthday?

Tyson James Lynch’s wife admitted to going on a diet to stay beautiful in her 40s. Melaney Ricardo will turn 42 on February 24. She also wants to look beautiful on her birthday.

“Diet dong. I want the birthday to be beautiful. I want 42. You just have to be beautiful and healthy,” said Melaney Ricardo as quoted from

What kind of diet Melaney Ricardo did before the age of 42? Let’s see the review, Mother.

Diet assisted by a nutritionist

Melaney Ricardo admits that he is on a diet intermittent fasting and assisted by a nutritionist to lose weight. Previously, he had experienced weight gain due to taking hormone drugs.

“I’m sporting half to death, intermittent fasting and assisted by a nutritionist because I am underweight stuck, that’s all. Yesterday there problem Same with hormones, I took hormone drugs until my body swelled up. Now it’s beautiful again, “explained Melaney Ricardo.

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After diet and exercise, Melaney Ricardo said that he had lost up to 5 kilograms (kg) recently. He was happy that Melaney Ricardo’s diet and exercise efforts were not in vain.

“It has dropped 5 kg from 73,” he added.

Have you lost 15 kg?

In 2020, Melaney Ricardo’s diet was in the spotlight because he managed to lose weight up to 15 kg. Melaney Ricardo’s diet revealed through YouTube personal.

The popular Melaney Ricardo diet by following the method intermittent fasting. Before choosing the Melaney Ricardo diet with the method intermittent fastinghe admitted that he had tried various weight loss programs but they were not suitable.

“Ever on a diet” carbosalt diet, for me the keto diet is the best it goes down really fast but why not happy. Every time you want to eat it doesn’t taste good, because you can’t have lots of flour, milk, and their derivatives,” explained Melaney Ricardo in the video. YouTube.

“Sister is really suitable for the keto diet but it turns out that everyone is different. So for me the most suitable is intermittent fasting,” he continued.

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