Mendikbud Mention 3 Big Sins in the World of Indonesian Education, What are they? – Student Zone – When commemorating International Women’s Day, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) stated that there are 3 major sins in Indonesian education.

The 3 major sins that Nadiem Makarim admitted he could no longer tolerate, because all mistakes were judged to have consequences.

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3 Big Sins in the World of Education

When with the Minister (Photo: Kompas)

Nadiem Makarim explained that currently Indonesian women have attended higher education levels. Even now, women are also able to have careers and can even become leaders in the family and in the world of work.

He conveyed that this was not the end of a struggle, but that there was still a long way to go because until now education is still overshadowed by three major sins, namely;

  1. Intolerance
  2. Sexual violence
  3. Bullying

“Those three things should no longer happen at all levels of education experienced by our students. Especially women,” said the Minister of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Nadiem Makarim.

This makes the Ministry of Education and Culture encourage the creation of a safe learning environment for female students.

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Webinar Activities

Webinars (Photo: Kompas)

In the momentum of International Women’s Day, Nadiem hopes that the struggle for gender equality is still quite long and requires mutual cooperation all groups to make it happen.

“Let’s continue to maintain the spirit of Women’s Day for Indonesia to be equal together,” concluded Nadiem.

The webinar with the theme of Women Leaders and Gender Equality went well and was full of wisdom. Other speakers in the webinar were Chatarina Muliana as Inspector General of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Franka Makarim as Co-Founder of Tulola Jewelry and Angki Yudistia as special staff of President Joko Widodo.

Mendikbud Mention 3 Big Sins in the World of Indonesian Education, What are they?

That’s a review of the 3 big sins that still exist in the world of education. Mimin pray that all obstacles in the world of education will be over soon.

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