Mentally Tired while Working on Thesis? This is what Mrs. Ira said, Unpad Hits Lecturer – Student Zone – Hello Friend Zone, how’s your thesis today? I hope it’s always smooth. The world of lectures is indeed very different from the time of school, both in terms of friendship and in terms of assignments. Many say that students’ assignments are often ‘mental attacks’. Isn’t that right?

For example, a student’s assignment ultimate feared is the script. Not only attacking mentally, the process of writing a thesis can sometimes change a person’s physical or behavior patterns.

This is because the thesis is the most important thing that determines a student’s graduation. Usually, they are willing to do anything for the sake of a finished thesis.

Then, to maintain the mental health of each student, are there sentences that motivate? Of course there is. Let’s look at the motivation for working on a thesis a la Mrs. Ira, the following lecturer on TikTok hits.

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“Always be The Best Version of Yourself”

Tiktok Mrs. Ira Mirawati (Photo: Student Zone Team)

In her TikTok video upload, Mrs. Ira advised all students who had struggled desperately to do their thesis with the sentence: “Always be The Best Version of Yourself”.

That is, Mrs. Ira said to keep doing the best version of yourself even though there are many revisions or titles that are still in process. In this way, Zone Buddies will also not be too hurt because they did their best.

Not only that, in order to stay mentally good, Mrs. Ira also revealed that she often chats with the people closest to her just for fun. share. Then, try to yourself to give self reward with generous portions.

Most importantly, don’t forget to give the best for your process and yourself. It’s okay to fail today, but also don’t forget to always try your best.

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Mentally Tired while Working on Thesis? This is what Ms. Ira said, Unpad Hits Lecturer

That’s a little motivation for the thesis to stay mentally healthy from Mrs. Ira, an Unpad lecturer who was a hit on Tiktok. Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes.

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