Mezzanine Solutions to Expand a Minimalist Home to Make it Look Spacious

Having a spacious and charming house must be the dream of many people, especially the house is usually a place where you spend time with your family, comfort is certainly a very coveted thing. But considering that many new families are still struggling to be able to have a spacious dream house, the success of having a small minimalist house alone is grateful, even though it can be a bit small.

Need a new room but have limited space?

In fact, a small and minimalist house can be tricked, with the mezzanine accumulation method. What is a mezzanine? Mezzanine is a place or bonus space whose position is located between the floor and the ceiling. The word mezzanine itself comes from the Italian word mezzo which means the middle. Mezzanines can be modified in a multi-storey house or not, depending on the model. The fun thing is, the accumulation of mezzanines can make your house seem more spacious while it’s actually ‘only’ given the accumulation of space at the bend of the stairs, between the ground floor and the upper floor.

Mezzanine or mezzanine is a bonus room in the house that is located between the floor and the ceiling. More simply, a mezzanine is a balcony located inside the house. Generally, the mezzanine is located in the middle of the building in the house. In general, the mezzanine area is only 1/3 of the building area of ​​the house. The height between the mezzanine floor and the ceiling is lower than the regular floor.


design has become famous for use in modern homes and residences in the form of lofts and other compact homes that have a limited building area.

The existence of the mezzanine itself can certainly increase the new space but does not reduce the aesthetic value of the dwelling.


right, increasing the room with this method of color can also give a certain appeal to the house, even though the size is not very large. Because many are found in modern houses in big cities, so in terms of the interior it is also not far from modern and minimalist concepts.

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