Mini Batching Plant, The Best Solution For Ready Mix Who Wants To Get Closer To The Project Site

The need for a batching plant and the allocation of time for delivery of concrete to the project site will be more effective if done quickly.

One of the things that can be done is to set the plant closer to the project site itself. Meanwhile, if you use a standard and permanent batching plant, it will usually require higher costs and be less efficient. The mini batching plant is the more appropriate solution.

There are several advantages to consider when you want to build a mini batching plant on a project site. Among them,

Faster Delivery

With the location of the mini batching plant which is closer to the project, it certainly makes delivery faster. If the delivery is faster, the production speed of the mini batching plant can be maximized.

Even with some people who are already competent in their field, they can run the production process.

Doesn’t Need A Lot Of Fleet

If the location is closer, it can reduce travel time, of course it doesn’t require a lot of mixer trucks. For the production of only 100 M3, it can be enough in a day with only 3 mixer trucks if the mini batching plant set can be directly in the project area.


is because the loading itself is also fast, for production capacity, of course, each batching plant has been adjusted to its capabilities.

While the production results in reality also depend on the project being cast. If it turns out that the column or wall can take longer than the casting on the floor.

Because it only requires a few truck mixers, the fuel consumption and budget for repairs of the tools used can be minimized.

style="text-align: left;">• More Can Focus on One Project

If you can use a set plant with a mini batching plant that stands in the project site area, the allocation of casting focus can be aimed at only one project. Production that focuses on one project area can be completed more quickly. This is what most can be found in the airport construction area. There will be many batching plants needed to build just one airport.

style="text-align: left;">• Easier to Monitor Concrete Mix in Project

With a close distance, it is easier to monitor project results. Concrete is delivered faster and is poured directly. And this is better and it is recommended to maintain the quality of the resulting concrete.

Considering the quality of the building can come from many factors. One of them is related to the allocation of delivery time.

The components of this mini batching plant are very compact. Usually in the form of a mobile batching plant which is easier to transport.

Shaped like a trailer and indeed has trailer wheels, so it’s easier to travel to various project locations that have been determined.

In addition, the silo model uses a box silo and is integrated with a batching plant. There are also those who use tube silos, but use different transportation when they want to be transported for project relocation.


capacity itself is much smaller, loading just one mixer requires several weighings. However, to pursue production at the project site, it is still reasonable with the efficiency of the plant set and minimal costs incurred.

Currently, mobile concrete batching plants are indeed more preferred than permanently set plants if the contractor often moves places with a fairly far location distance.

If the batching plant is permanent, the maximum distance to the project site is about 3 hours. Because the best concrete sets are certainly under 4 hours. If it is more than that, the quality of the concrete has decreased.

Mini batching plant is indeed more compact, because it favors speed and time allocation, usually this batching plant model mostly uses a dry system. Meanwhile, for the operation using a manual system.

Mini batching plants that are operated manually by combining the component actuation buttons are usually more durable than those that use automatic ones.

Regarding self-care is also easier. In contrast to those that use automatic systems and wet models, it takes special skills to operate this model batching plant.


order for the batching plant to be durable and not easy to trouble, it is better to use some of the tips below before and after running production.

Tips Before Running a Batching Plant For Production

Check all electrical before running the batching plant.

Run all components one by one for inspection.

Check and try all the scales first and make sure they are working normally.

Remove water deposits on the compressor.

Lubricate each roller and mixer shaft.

Tips After Finishing Production

After finishing, wash the wet batching plant mixer so that there is no dry concrete that can block tomorrow’s production.

If it’s dry, clean each side of the fun mixer blade.

Wash everything, and clean the remaining aggregate dirt stuck to the roller.

Wash the aggregate discharge funnel and clean the cement outlet funnel.

Clear all scales.

If any of the tips above are not implemented, then several problems will arise. For example, the emergence of a concrete crust in the fun mixer section.

This will disrupt the production process the next day, so always wash it if there is a production pause both during the day and at night.

If allowed to accumulate, the fun mixer can break. Rotating loads that are too heavy can make the electric motor of the fun mixer jiggle and even catch fire.

If so then having to remove all the main components of the fun mixer, this can take a lot of time and of course cost. Considering the components of the batching plant itself are very expensive, especially for the fun mixer.

Inspection of electrical components is also more frequent and more active to do. Considering that all components of the batching plank run based on electric current.

Especially on the contactor and its overload. If not addressed immediately if there are signs of abnormality, problems can arise while production is in progress.

To be able to have a batching plant in a new condition, of course you have to be prepared with the amount of funds that will be needed.

For standard sizes only you must provide 1-1.5 M for the dry system. As for the wet model, it will be even more expensive, if you use a computerized system, it will be more expensive. This is related to the PLC and the model of the computer system that will be used.

If the package is already packaged, it can be more practical, for example from NFLG, which has been in the batching plant manufacturer for a long time.

This Chinese company offers a fairly affordable price with an automated batching plant system.

There is also an upgrade from a manual model using a computer with an upgrade cost of around 50 million complete with an operational computer. This depends on the type of controller used.