Minimum Computer Specifications for Game YUGIOH Power of Chaos

YUGIOH Game Collection that is played on PC, Yes, Yugioh Game fever is here again, and this is the literature that I got. The games that I got are Yugioh Power of Chaos Joey Passion, Yugioh Power of Chaos Kaiba Revenge, Yugioh Power of Chaos Yugi Destiny.
Ok, let’s just get straight to it, well, each of them actually has a character from the name of Yugioh, and that is what distinguishes one from the other. Actually, I’m also waiting for Bakura, May, Pegasus and other characters, but I think it’s not published yet.
Ok, let’s get straight to it, here’s my literature (Hehehe)…

Yugioh Power of Chaos Joey Passion

The way to play is quite easy, friend, just like the Card Film. We have cards laid out in Decks. Then when the game starts. You will be given several cards and then the cards will come out one by one each turn. There are 2 card categories, namely Monster Type and Trap Card. For monsters, you can Summon / Made to attack the opponent. While the Trap Card is used to provide Effects to help attack and defense.
Oh yeah it’s different for other versions, for Version Yugioh

Power of Chaos Joey Passion can be made LAN.


Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

Pentium II 450MHz Processor
DirectX compatible video cards
DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX 8.1
CD-ROM Drive
500MB Hard Disk Space

Pentium III or Athlon 650MHz Processor

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