Minister of Education and Culture Prohibits the Use of Hijab in Schools, Checks the Truth – Student Zone – A post circulated from Andema ID’s Facebook account which posted an image of what is suspected to be Nadiem Makarim with a narration containing a claim that Nadiem forbade the wearing of headscarves in schools.

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Nadiem Forbids the Use of Hijab

Illustration of a student prohibited from wearing a headscarf (Photo: RRI)

Launching from, the owner of the account said that Nadiem took his son to be baptized. No wonder Nadiem forbade the wearing of headscarves at school.

“GOD ALMIGHTY KNOWS WHEN IT’S TIME TO REMOVE PEOPLE WHO DZALIM. EDUCATION WHEN SENDING HIS CHILDREN IN BAPTISM. No wonder he forbids the use of the veil in the school of people of the opposite religion, “wrote the owner of the account.

Prior to that, three Jokowi ministers, namely the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Nadiem Makarim, the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian and the Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas signed and issued new regulations. The regulation prohibits forcing and requiring the wearing of certain religious uniforms that apply to students to teachers in public schools.

“School institutions may no longer require students and education staff to wear uniforms with certain religious attributes. Whatever religion it is, the use of school uniforms with religious attributes in public schools is the decision of students and teachers as individuals,” said Nadiem.

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The contents of a letter from 3 ministers consist of 6 rules


1. Uniform regulations only apply to public schools.

2. Students, educators and education staff have the right to choose between: a) uniforms and attributes without religious specificity, or b) uniforms and attributes with religious specificity.

3. Local governments and schools may not require or prohibit uniforms and attributes with religious specificity;

4. Local governments and school principals are required to revoke regulations that require or prohibit uniforms and attributes with religious specificity no later than 30 working days after the joint decision officially takes effect.

5. If there is a violation of this joint decision, then sanctions will be given to the party who violates:

a) Local governments impose sanctions on school principals, educators, and/or education staff.

b) The governor imposes sanctions on the regent/mayor. The Ministry of Home Affairs imposes sanctions on the governor. The Ministry of Education and Culture imposes sanctions on schools related to School Operational Assistance and other government assistance.

c) Follow-up on violations will be carried out in accordance with the applicable mechanism.

d) The Ministry of Religion provides assistance to moderate religious practices and can provide considerations for the granting and termination of sanctions;

6. Islamic students, educators, and education staff in Aceh Province are exempted from the provisions of the SKB according to the specifics of Aceh based on the provisions of the laws and regulations related to the Aceh government.


The results of the examination of Natalia Kristian (Member of the MAFINDO Commissariat University of Indonesia), judging from the explanation that Nadiem’s ​​claim forbidding the wearing of headscarves in schools is not true.

the decision of the 3 ministerial SKB regulates the prohibition or obliging the use of certain religious attributes so that it is included in the category of Misleading Content.

Minister of Education and Culture Prohibits the Use of Hijab in Schools, Check the Truth

It turned out that after being investigated the news was not true, it was just a misunderstanding. Nadiem did not prohibit the wearing of the headscarf at school.

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