Modern Bridal Makeup Tutorial Inspired by Artist I IGUCeleb

Unlike the ancient bridal makeup which had to bemake up thick, nowadays make up Simple and natural is the prima donna that many brides choose. Well, if you’re looking for a modern bridal makeup tutorial for your happy day reference, you can read it here.

In Indonesia, there are indeed several models of bridal makeup. One example is traditional Javanese wedding makeup. This makeup is identical to the bun and paes or black indentation above the bride’s forehead.

Even though it is beautiful and unique, in this modern era, many brides want makeup simple but elegant. MI’m up This modern bride does not use thick makeup, but natural.

One example is the bridal makeup Meghan Markle used in her wedding to Prince Henry. Her makeup is so simple and natural, but still elegant and beautiful.

If you are one of those people who are learning bridal makeup, then reading this article is the right choice. The modern and simple bridal makeup tutorial that will be discussed in this article is inspired by make up Indonesian artist used when getting married.

They are Raisa Andriana and Laudya Cynthia Bella. The two artists use different makeup simple and natural, but still looks elegant and charming.

What kind of bridal makeup do these two artists use? Curious? Come on, check the video tutorial directly make up modern brides inspired by Indonesian artists in this article!

1. Simple and Modern Bridal Makeup Tutorial Inspired by Raisa Andriana

Video: YouTube – Alifah Ratu Saelynda

Who doesn’t know the singer of the song What is the meaning of waiting this? Her marriage in 2017 to Hamish Daud was made a national day of confusion by netizens. This is because Raisa has a lot of male fans.

Raisa looks very beautiful, elegant, and charming on her wedding day. Unfortunately, many netizens said the wedding was too ordinary because the makeup used was so simple and no hang out.

Raisa said that she really wanted a beautiful dress simple. He did not want to make people pangling because of the appearance of his makeup.

First step in tutorial make up Raisa-inspired bride is using primary which aims to make the surface of the face smoother. Then apply loose powder before using foundation for more texture matte.

You can apply foundation use blending brush so that the polish maximum and even. After that, use concealer to cover panda eyes and acne scars. Then apply compact powder evenly to the face and neck.

Next step in tutorial make up modern bride is to beautify and tidy up eyebrows. You don’t need to shape your eyebrows, just smooth and thicken them.

Then continue with eye makeup. Eye makeup on make up Raisa’s wedding uses eyeshadow with natural colors, namely brown and gold. For eyeliner-nya, make a tapered end.

Next step in tutorial make up bride is curling eyelashes. To make your eyelashes look thicker and thicker, you can apply false eyelashes.

Done with eye makeup, use bronzer on the cheekbones and nosebone to make makeup look more natural. Then, apply blush with color pink on your cheek.

So, to make it easier for you to learn bridal makeup tutorials, you can watch the video above, right? The way is very simple and very easy to learn.

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2. Muslimah Modern Bridal Makeup Tutorial Inspired by Laudya Cynthia Bella

Video: YouTube – Disya Icha

Second bridal makeup simple and interestingly belongs to Laudya Cyntia Bella. Laudya held her wedding to Engku Emran, a entrepreneur from Malaysia, in 2017. They held wedding receptions twice, in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The bridal makeup that was in the spotlight of netizens was make up at the reception in Malaysia. Many say Bella’s bridal makeup is too simple and it doesn’t suit him. Even though Bella’s bridal makeup is very elegant and modern, so it can be used as an inspiration for make up your future marriage.

As a first step, such as using make up In general, use a moisturizer to make your makeup last longer. Then, apply foundation evenly and concealer on acne scars.

The next step in the bridal makeup tutorial is eye makeup. For eye makeup Bella uses style smokey eye. eyeshadow used is dark in color and the false eyelashes used are quite thick,

The next is the eyebrow makeup. In Bella’s bridal makeup, her eyebrows are thick and black.

The final step in the tutorial make up Bella’s version of the hijab bride is the use of lipstick. Bella is wearing lipstick matte with a dark brown color. With a dark lipstick color, giving an elegant and luxurious effect on her bridal makeup.

A few tips, to make it easier for you to learn how to make up bride, you better do it in the morning or afternoon. Because the light from the sun will clarify the results of your makeup, rather than the light of the lamp.

To be clearer, you can watch the video tutorial directly make up modern Muslim bride above. The method is not difficult to learn, suitable for those of you who are beginners.

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Choose the Right Make Up Model for Your Special Moment

Have you watched the modern bridal makeup tutorial video above? It’s definitely very easy to learn modern bridal makeup tutorials inspired by the above artists. Hopefully these videos can provide motivation to continue to increase the spirit of learning make up-your.

From modern bridal makeup tutorial videos and simple Hopefully this can also provide inspiration for those of you who are confused about choosing a style make up for your special day. There is nothing wrong with using modern bridal makeup that is simple and natural. Because marriage is not judged by the bride alone, but also by the sacredness of the event.

Whatever style of bridal makeup you will use, be it traditional or modern, make sure it doesn’t change your face. Change the thought that bridal makeup should be manglingi, which sometimes actually makes you appear not like yourself. Spirit!

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