Modern Kebaya Models to Look Beautiful

Who says kebaya is an outdated fashion? In fact, with the development of the times, kebaya also experienced modernization. So, no need to feel inferior to appear wearing traditional culture. With modern kebaya models, it is very possible for you to look charming at formal events.

Embarrassed to appear in traditional clothes because they are considered old school? You don’t need to feel inferior anymore because this article contains modern kebaya models that will keep you cool.

You must be confused by the choice of formal clothing when you come to an invitation event. I mean to look formal, but I’m embarrassed to be called old school. Your confidence suddenly fades because you feel uncomfortable with clothes that don’t seem modern.

If you are a person who is not comfortable with clothes that are too formal, it is important for you to read this article. There are several inspirations for modern kebaya clothes for parties or other formal events. So you don’t need to feel inferior because you will still look up to date with traditional clothes.

Before jumping into modern kebaya models, it’s good to know the types and variants of kebaya first. Come on, just look at the explanation which is also equipped with the inspiration of the following kebaya artists!

Types and Variants of Kebaya

Kebaya is a type of traditional women’s clothing in Java, especially Yogyakarta and Solo. This dress consists of clothes made of thin and undergarments in the form of jarik.

There are several opinions that explain where the origin of the kebaya. The first opinion explains that this dress is indeed original from Indonesia, namely the cultural heritage of the Majapahit kingdom. Another opinion asserts that this clothing originated in China and then spread to Malacca, Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Sulawesi.

Long ago, around the 1500s, the kebaya was a garment worn only by the royal family. However, over time, this dress began to be used by people who were not blue blooded. Women use kebaya for daily activities and traditional purposes.

In the era of Soekarno’s government, the kebaya was determined to be the national dress for women. This is not far from an effort to commemorate Kartini’s struggle as a breaker for women’s thinking.

Unfortunately, the millennial generation and after are starting to rarely use kebaya. This dress can be seen at formal events such as weddings, traditional celebrations, Kartini Day commemorations, and graduation celebrations. Therefore, many designers then modify this traditional dress to be in tune with the times.

Because kebaya is a character of Indonesian culture, his creations do not eliminate the philosophy contained in the original structure of this dress. Here are some types of old kebaya creations in Indonesia.

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1. Kartini

Source: Instagram – karinasalim

The naming of this type of clothing is of course taken from the name Kartini. Therefore, these clothes are clothes that are often used by royal nobles.

This type of clothing comes from Kartini’s origin, namely Central Java. The type of kebaya in each region in Java is indeed different and has a distinctive pattern and style.

Its distinctive feature is the folds on the chest. There are folds of the collar that are V-shaped, but there are also vertical ones that give the wearer a slim impression.

The top is long enough to cover the hips. Meanwhile, the bottom edge is generally decorated with gold thread stitches.

2. Encim

Source: Instagram – margaretvivi

Kebaya Encim is a blend of Malay and Chinese culture. The basic model refers to traditional Indonesian clothing. However, the colors chosen are usually lighter, for example red and yellow which symbolize prosperity.

The word encim itself is not actually in the Chinese dictionary. The word encim is an ancient Javanese accent to refer to cici which means older sister. Therefore, the word encim means a designation for Chinese women.

3. Bali

Source: Instagram – lalamarionmj

In form and material, this type is not much different from kebaya-kebaya in general. The obvious difference between this dress and other types is the use of an obi or cloth wrapped around the waist. The existence of this obi aims to beautify the appearance.

The color of the obi contrasts with the color of the clothes. Obi can be sewn together with tops, or just tied like a scarf.

4. Kutubaru

Source: Instagram – ayushintad

Kutubaru is actually an addition of cloth in the middle of the kebaya that connects the right and left sides of the chest to the stomach. In its use, the new lice usually collaborate with a cloth wrapped around the abdomen (stagen). This makes women look more feminine because it strengthens the silhouette of the body.

Although the use is complicated, these clothes were used in everyday life in colonial times. Different materials and motifs will show differences in social class.

Inspiration of Indonesian Artist Modern Kebaya Models

Hearing the word kebaya, surely you will imagine an official situation such as a traditional event or invitation. Do not be dizzy or confused when going to an official event like that because there are no suitable clothes. Actually, if you want to search on social media like Instagram, there will be many modern kebaya models that you can emulate.

If you are not confident in wearing traditional clothes, then you need to look at this line of artists. They can be an inspiration for you in choosing the right traditional clothes.

1. Pevita Pearce

Source: Instagram – pevpearce

When you hear the name Pevita Pearce, you will surely imagine a beautiful young figure who is half-blood. However, that does not make him reluctant to wear traditional clothes. In fact, she looks charming in a yellow kebaya like in the picture above.

This is proof that appearing in traditional clothes doesn’t always look old school. Even Pevita’s hairstyle in the photo uses a bun model typical of old Javanese women.

2. Maudy Ayunda

Source: Instagram – maudyayunda

If you like color pinkThis modern brocade kebaya model worn by Maudy Ayunda can be an inspiration. Maudy has dispelled the impression that this traditional dress is only suitable for mothers.

This sweet actress who was born in Jakarta, December 16, 1994, was once a finalist for Cover Girl 2009. So, it’s no wonder that she is still charming when wearing traditional clothes. You can find photos of Maudy wearing other modern kebaya models on social media for your inspiration.

3. Raisa

Source: Instagram – raisa6690

At the end of 2017, netizens were shocked by the viral wedding of a couple. They are Raisa and Hamish Daud. Because of this marriage, the National Heartbreak Day was born.

However, that is not what we will discuss. But Raisa’s beauty uses a kebaya model simple but luxury in the picture above. The model is a new kute with a little batik motif on the bottom and black edges of the shirt.

Raisa looks elegant like a contemporary Javanese princess. The silhouette of his body became more defined due to the effects of the new fleas. For those of you who have less height, you can imitate this type of clothing because it can give the impression of being taller.

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4. Endah Laras

Source: Instagram – endahlaras_

Endah Laras is a singer of keroncong songs and Javanese songs. He is an artist who highly respects traditional cultures. Evidently, in almost every show, he wears traditional clothing, the kebaya.

For those of you who have a fat body, don’t be in a hurry to feel inferior and bad-tempered so you stay away from this national dress. Take Endah Laras, for example, who is confident in wearing traditional clothes even though her body is full.

After all, there is no modern kebaya choice for obese people in particular. You just need to find out which model is right for you. Of course with the right size.

5. Dian Sastro

Source: Instagram – therealdisastr

Who does not know this beautiful actress. Her full name is Dian Paramita Sastrowardoyo and is familiarly called Dian Sastro. Actress who rose to fame thanks to movies What’s with love This looks casual even in a kebaya.

Dian Sastro is already used to appearing in a kebaya, especially when she is the main character in films Kartini. However, what she is wearing in the photo above is a different face from traditional clothing. Plus he’s wearing model shoes sneakers white color that gives the impression of youth.

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Modern Kebaya Hijab Model

Who says traditional clothes can’t be combined with hijab? You can still look elegant with a kebaya combined with a hijab so that an Islamic traditional impression appears.

There are lots of modern kebaya models that you can mix and match with your hijab. The most important thing is to be wise in choosing traditional clothing that is more closed. Here are some modern kebaya models that can inspire you who wear a hijab.

1. Kutubaru and Hijab

Source: Instagram – sabrinadeanm

Wearing new lice will make you appear taller and slimmer. This model fits perfectly with the hijab.

Look for new fleas with long arms. Avoid materials that are thin and tend to open like tile or brocade. Even if you want to use the fabric, make sure to use cufflinks or the like.

2. Modern Hijab Kebaya for Invites

Source: Instagram – ameliaelle

Dare to experiment with your kebaya. Even if you wear a hijab, looking elegant is a must.

Create your kebaya by adding accessories which can be sweetened like a belt at the top of the waist. Belts can be useful as a substitute for the obi in modern Balinese kebaya models.

Dare also choose a bold color, like the picture above. If your kebaya is a modern tile or brocade kebaya model, choose cufflinks with a matching color. Do not be afraid to choose a dark veil color such as black and so on.

3. Modern Brocade Kebaya Model with Hijab and Mermaid Skirt

Source: Instagram – inspiration.kebaya

Brocade is often chosen by adult women as kebaya material. This material can make you look more elegant. Combine colors pink with other faded colors to create a feminine impression. Then, adjust the color of the hijab with the color of the clothes.

If you want to look slim, tall, but not straight and monotonous, you can use a skirt mermaid. Just like the meaning of the name, this skirt spreads at the knees down like a mermaid tail. In addition to looking charming, you will be more free to walk.

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Look Traditional but Still Cool

That’s the modern kebaya model that you can use in several official situations. Hopefully it can give you ideas and inspiration to design your own kebaya.

The point is not to get hung up on the same models. Start developing ideas that already exist. The proof is that just traditional clothes can develop into modern clothes that are also loved by young people.

You can also look for design ideas from famous designers like Anne Avantie. His modern kebaya models are very classy and worldwide.

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