Mona Ratuliu proves that she didn’t choose her husband wrong, Indra Brasco used to be poor, now he’s successful


Indra Brasco and Mona Ratuliu are a couple who are almost never hit by slanted issues, Mother. The two have been living happily ever after and enjoying every moment together.

Behind the harmony of the household that has been running for more than 20 years, in fact there is an interesting story, you know. Yes, this story is the beginning of the story of Indra and Mona together.

Both of them told Venna Melinda, in the past Mona was the person who dared to make decisions. Indra said that Mona wanted to accept him as a husband, when the man had no clear future.

“In his 20s, he wants to get married. The same man who wanders, from Malang, whose future is unclear,” he said, quoted from the channel YouTube Venna Melinda Channel.

“I really don’t have anything, Ma’am. Really, I still want a boarding house, yes,” said Indra.

At that time, the relationship between the two was already dating. Even so, there are still many other men out there who are after Mona and are better than Indra at that time.

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Indra even said that many friends from the media also tried to separate himself from Mona. The reason is, they feel sorry for the status of the two, like the earth and the sky, aka very much different.

“Even those media friends are trying to separate me from him. Yes, because seeing him is a pity.”

“Beautiful Mona, famous Also, suddenly going out with someone who is not clear (Indra). I ngintilin, accompanying him there is shooting continues,” he admitted.

Moreover, Indra at that time also did not have any job. The monetary crisis made him try his best to stay alive.

“At that time, there was a crisis (monetary crisis), I didn’t have any production. Indeed, Mona had skyrocketed significantly income and far away.

Indra did not want to back down. He still believes himself to be Mona’s lover, and the woman is still by his side at times like that. He is not ashamed of Indra’s status, Mother.

“But I’m very confident. That (confident) is really big,” admitted Indra.

This period was also revealed by Indra as the lowest point. He couldn’t even pay the rent for the boarding house.

“In the past, this happened to be my area. I lived in a boarding house in Ampera. It was only Rp. 300 thousand per month,” he said.

“I can’t pay anyway,” continued Mona Ratuliu laughing.

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