Money Heist Series Officially Made with the Korean Version, Who’s Your Favorite Team? – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! Where are the Netflix series lovers? Some of you must have liked Money Heist. At the end of 2021, the Money Heist series released its last episode. Have you watched it yet?

Money Heist series or La Casa De Papel is a Spanish state-produced series that tells of a premeditated robbery at the Money Printing Service in Spain.

Netflix officially announced the official title for the Korean version of Money Heist with a new title, namely Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area which hooks famous Korean actors. Who will play in this version of the series? Check out the following review.

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Yoo Jin Tae

Yoo Jin Tae (Photo: Benas Drama)

Success in his film entitled Attack The Gas Station (1999) and Ditto (2000), this actor and film director plays Professor. Wow, will Yoo Jin Tae compete with the role of Professor in Money Heist before?

Jeon Jong Seo

Jeon Jong Seo (Photo: The Korean Times)

Because it is known as acting cuteit’s in the file call (2020), Jeon Jong Seo will play the most phenomenal character in the previous netflix series, Tokyo.

She once won the Best Actress award at the event 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for his absolutely brilliant role.

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Park Hae Soo

Park Hae Soo – Hancinema

In this series, Park Hae Soo will play the character of Berlin who is known for his most cunning plans and is affectionate towards his friends.

Park Hae Soo is famous in the series boom before that is Squit Games (2021) who plays Cho Sang Woo.

Kim Yun Jin

Kim Yun Jin (Photo: Asian Wiki)

On the police side, Kim Yun Jin plays Seon Woo Jin who serves as leader from the Crisis Negotiation team from the National Police Agency. This Korean-American artist was born on November 7, 1973 and is well-known as a film and theater actress.

Kim Ji Hoon

Kim Ji Hoon (Photo: Dreamers)

Debuting acting his first in 2001, Kim Ji Hoon is famous for his role as Park Hyun Soo in drama Love Marriage (2008) and My Cute Guys (2013).

Kim Ji Hoon will play Denver who is famous for his trademark laugh in the previous series. However, here play a member of the Crisis Negotiation team.

Money Heist Series Officially Made with the Korean Version, Who’s Your Favorite Team?

Those are the Korean actresses and actors who participated in playing the Netflix series Money Heist – Joint Economic Area. Don’t forget to set a reminder because it will be released this year!

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