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I remember when I was in college I used to play HT (handy talkie) until late at night. Chatting with amateur radio friends is fun to the point that sometimes you lose track of time. Because I’m a telecommunications major, tinkering with antennas and radio is a daily thing.

But unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take the ORARI entrance exam to get call sign like YB0ST (read: Yengki Bravo Zero Sierra Tango) — this is the property of Pak Sutiyoso, one of the former presidents of ORARI who is also the former governor of Jakarta.

Time passed until the time to join the Terios 7 Wonders group to Kalimantan. There is one stop that intrigues me: Orari’s lontong culinary! Does this lontong have a history with one of these Indonesian amateur radio organizations? Or to order a portion of savory rice cake with haruan fish, you have to use HT with a certain frequency? Haha.

Lontong Orari Banjarmasin

We arrived at 11 o’clock in the evening in the capital city of South Kalimantan Province, even at midnight we could have a delicious meal: devouring the savory rice cake orari. Food that has always been the choice of the amateur radio community, who really likes to stay up late. Amateur radio people are not much different from programmer. Bat.

The atmosphere of the Lontong Orari restaurant is indeed fitting to accommodate people who are at night and hungry at the same time. The low tables are laid out with relief, making a tired body able to lie down as long as the stall is not full of visitors. The menu choices are simple. Lontong Vegetable Coconut Milk with a variety of side dishes, ranging from haruan fish, chicken, to duck eggs cooked with habang. Yes, it’s not a good dinner for those who are on a diet, anyway.

Lontong Orari. Use eggs, haruan fish, giant triangular rice cake, and kenta sauce

Shortly after we ordered, a serving of warm lontong was immediately served on the table, mixed with jackfruit which tasted savory, sweet, and spicy. One of the most typical side dishes is Haruan fish or smoked cork because this city does have a tradition of smoking Haruan fish. A sprinkling of fried onions that immediately dissolves in coconut milk adds to the savory dish. Cooked haruan fish habang (cooked red with a number of spices made from dried chili, sugar, salt, shallot, garlic) soft texture with a distinctive smell of smoked fish.

Lontongnya dense and thick. The restaurant’s lontong is indeed different from most of the lontong commonly found outside Banjarmasin. While lontong is usually cooked in elongated banana leaf packages, banjar lontong is cooked in triangular leaf packages. A triangle that can fill one normal plate. The fragrant aroma of cinnamon and spicy lemongrass mixed with candlenut accompanies the savory taste. Oh, it’s 12 o’clock in the evening, my diet is doomed to fail.


Maybe for Ms. Vira, a blogger from Padang who likes spicy sauce, the sauce is too sweet. However, the magician Mz Fahmi, who is of Javanese descent, seems to really enjoy this savory but predominantly sweet taste.

Lontong Orari’s opening hours are a bit unique, starting at 10.00 am to 04.00 am, continuously serving buyers. In Banjarmasin, lontong is usually a breakfast menu, and indeed lontong sellers only sell in the morning.

Maybe Orari’s lontong wants to look different, that’s why it opens at hours when all lontong sellers don’t sell. genius.

Naming ‘Lontong Orari’ itself has also appeared recently, because this restaurant is often visited by amateur radio communities who are also members of ORARI. They usually gather until dawn. A geek gathering. Hence, this lontong is called Lontong ORARI.

Maybe if it’s FPI that often comes here, the name will be.. ah, never mind.

Every day, Lontong Orari’s kitchen spends about 7 hours making dense, chewy lontong. This long cooking time is one of the keys that has been maintained since the beginning of the “Orari” stall.

And it seems, during this Terios trip I gained weight…

Monitors, monitors, Terios 1 to Terios 7 are in Lontong Orari, let’s get closer, so change….!

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