Monitor road traffic conditions with CCTV in Semarang city

RahmanCyber.NET – ‘Need to Know’ Info | Hi friends, for those of you who want to go to Semarang City or you are residents of Semarang City, here the admin wants to share info.

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So you can not only use how to monitor Road using Google map.. usually to monitor the status of traffic on the road, whether it is jammed or smooth..

monitor traffic

cctv semarang

Because google map can be relied on for that… hehe, or you can use other live traffic applications… which you can download on the android store.

Apart from that, it turns out The city of Semarang has live CCTV monitoring at several points.

How to?

Traffic CCTV (live) Semarang City can be seen on friends’ smartphones, you can directly access the following link…

Please try…
very important…
can be monitored….can see traffic in Semarang
Hope it is useful…

Loh Sis, is there anything that can’t be done..? Have you pressed the image doesn’t come out? Hmmm maybe that point is being troubled.

Oh yes.. I got this information from a friend, you can use it.

But when I saw the info on the web… it turned out

from Semarang City Transportation Service ATCS team

So please put it to good use, luurr.. Especially for the residents of Semarang and its surroundings.. 😀

Interesting Message

Oh yes.. there is an interesting message on the website

“Roads are not playgrounds. Seriously. Too many lives have been lost on the roads.”

ATCS Traffic Semarang Application

Actually, this has been around since 2016, but I understand that I just found out myself.. 😀

Oh yes, it turns out that there is also an application in the play store. his name “ATCS Traffic Semarang”For those of you who have an Android phone, you can directly download it. The application memory is also light, about 400 Kb… the function is the same, to display information in the form of live streaming CCTV video installed at a certain point.

Semarang Smart Transportation City

eiiiitt.. but now the name has changed I see, so ‘Semarang Smart Transportation City’

Correct me if I’m wrong…

So for the developers GDTech Indonesia

The currently monitored size is 3 mb.

This is for screenshots on google play.. since I wrote this info.

Semarang Smartcity app

Hopefully in the future, it will become more developed and can provide more benefits for the community, especially the city of Semarang.

Because I think the concept ‘Smart City’ which is based on information technology, ‘Especially when all information can be centered into one door…’ 😀 very suitable for the g generationmillennial generation and beyond.. 😀 who in fact is very familiar with gadgets.


To update official information about the Semarang City Transportation Service, you can directly check the official website

Usually the Government Official Site ends in

For those who don’t understand about Url, Site Name, you can learn What is a Website Domain Name?

There I have explained it in detail..

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