More Efficient with Lean Management – iPaGa

More Efficient with Lean Management – iPaGa

Lean management has the potential to provide long-term success for the business. Why? Because an efficient business model will provide flexibility and profitability for the company.

Excellent peoplefinal destination lean is efficiency, but to achieve it there are various aspects that must be considered. Quotes arca.comPwC report mentions the concept lean should be expanded in many areas, including:


Knowing the customer is the main step leanif you are able to identify customer characteristics well then you will easily identify unnecessary waste (non value added).


Do you have a system that can identify problems? If not, create one now, this can make it easier for you to identify problems, perform problem solving, and increase accountability. Assess the performance of your business and employees. It is certain that organizations that have the best performing systems and employees will be more efficient and lean.


Employees must be involved in management leanprovide training to all the resources involved so that they can provide value to the customer.

For the sake of health, we all try to lose fat in our bodies. The same is true for your organization, being lean is mandatory for long life. Apply lean is a process, and a journey lean not like a sprint race but more like running a marathon. In addition to readiness, endurance and strategy are needed to get to the line finish. If you want to win, what is certain is that you have to master the game.

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