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ipadguides – Hello Friend Zona, where has the research revision gone? Still waiting for the lecturer’s sentence at room Whatsapp, huh? For final students who are already in the final revision stage, lecturer chat is one of the things that affects your next daily activity. That is right?

Various kinds of sentences from your crush, you will definitely lose to the chat lecturer who confirms your research/thesis process. Not only that, longtime lecturer reading chat don’t make your heart Shaky.

“That’s right, Min. Especially if the lecturer only read I just don’t reply right away, I feel more restless than waiting doi“said one of the Zone Buddy who already has a crush.

What sentences are you waiting for from the lecturer? Check out Mimin’s version below, let’s go.

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“Continue to the Next Chapter, huh!”

Illustration of lecturer chat (1) (Photo of Student Zone Team)

This sentence is indeed a sentence that is very fun when Buddy Zone has finished the previous chapter. Just imagine if you have written a chapter with all your heart, but are still revising it? duhmust be terrible!

“ACC, Tomorrow Immediately Register the Session”

Illustration of lecturer chat (2) (Photo of Student Zone Team)

Wow, this must be a great sentence for students so they can graduate quickly and don’t repeat in the following month. Today is the list of hearings, tomorrow it’s just a matter of compiling a Power Point for presentation. The joy!

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“No Revision Needed”

Lecturer chat illustration (3) (Student Zone Team Photo)

most sentence ultimatewhen the trial is finished is “No Revision Needed”. This indicates that the research that you are doing has met the competent standards of the lecturers.

You no longer need to change any element in the research because the content is in accordance with the wishes of the lecturer. Therefore, at this stage many students celebrate the graduation of the trial with great fanfare.

The three sentences above are sentences that are more interesting than just “I Love You” or “What do you want to buy today?” from crush. With reply chat In that case, Zone Buddy will definitely be stronger to proceed in the next stage.

More Interesting than Chat Gebetan, These are the Sentences of Lecturers Waiting for Final Students

That’s the lecturer’s sentence that most attracted the final students of Mimin’s version. Which one do you prefer?

Hopefully it will provide benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes. Don’t forget to keep abreast of developments about students by activating the Student Zone website notifications. See you later!

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