More Productive Work? Your office must be ready to provide these cool facilities

In the era of technology that continues to develop, where the millennial generation begins to dominate all positions in large companies in Indonesia. They are not just looking for material, of course, not just looking for experience, but looking for a place to develop their interests or passions.

Yes, every company that is able to meet the needs and even provide more for employees will have strong capital to become a great company. Because in the future, humans or employees will be the biggest capital for a company.

Some offices provide cool facilities that support employees to work more productively. There are even companies that provide freedom for employees to work in the office. Because in today’s era, working in one place is no longer the time. Because work also requires collaboration.

Here are some facilities that can support comfort and make employees more enthusiastic about working.

A collaboration space that provides a lot of convenience between employees to make dreams come true

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In the past, desks were arranged by position or division. Where each table will face a wall or have a barrier. With an irregular pile of papers. Of course this is not in accordance with the style of today’s children.

Where they need the widest possible space to work and collaborate with many people. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to work with colleagues from various divisions. This collaboration is not meant to enliven and break concentration, but rather to make it easier for anyone to collaborate in creating works.

id="ruang-meeting-yang-gak-ngebosenin-justru-jadi-tempat-yang-fun-untuk-saling-menyampaikan-pendapat">Meeting rooms that don’t get boring, actually become a fun place to share opinions

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Some offices still carry rigid meeting rooms. Where there is a long table with several chairs around it. Namu. Some companies have implemented a sergeant system (serious but relaxed). Where the meeting room was transformed like a comfortable place to chat and of course talk about many new ideas for the progress of the company.

Private room, supports those of you who need full concentration while working

Although implementing an office with a shared workspace system. There is a need that must be met by the company for the comfort of employees. One of them is privacy. There are times when employees need time alone to really focus on work. And a room like the one above could be the solution.

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The chat room as well as collaboration must be fun so that more ideas are expressed

Many companies in Indonesia provide more relaxing places that can also be used for work. Like an artificial garden in the office. Where employees are free to use it for work, meetings, discussions with the team and other activities. Without losing the impression of seriousness, the room is intended to make every employee more comfortable working and of course they can come up with brilliant ideas for the company.

Sports facilities support employees to stay healthy

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No less important is the room to exercise. Although not all companies provide gym equipment facilities like this. However, some have provided sports facilities that employees can participate in. Such as yoga, dance, table tennis and so on.

A clean canteen makes chatting at lunch even more fun

In addition there is also a canteen. A place that currently only serves as a place to eat. But also to chat and collaborate again. A clean, well-maintained and comfortable canteen will make employees feel at home and not feel like they have spent a lot of time talking about new ideas.

Working also requires relaxing, a place to play also makes you more creative

The latter is a place to play. Employees who work from morning to evening, of course, experience stress without realizing it exists. One thing that can lighten their load is to play. There are many companies that provide this facility. Starting from only PES games, Uno, to other complete game facilities. They are free to use it, of course as long as the targets that have been given can be achieved.

Many also apply for jobs because of some of these facilities. Because now, employees are not only looking for money while working but looking for comfort, so that what they do does not have a bad impact on the desired results.

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