Most Interested Content Types on Tiktok

Most Interested Content Types on Tiktok
Most Interested Content Types on Tiktok

Tiktok users are increasingly busy with several categories that are favored by the wider community, as well as the content contained in them.

Tiktok is an application that contains tiktok video content, some of which have successfully entered for your page or FYP, this content is the dream of many creators on the platform because by entering FYP, the video becomes viral.

Videos on tiktok get a lot of viewers if they enter FYP or for your page and have a great chance to go viral.

In this millennial era, not all tiktok can appear on the fyp page because there are several content categories that appear on FYP tiktok, and not a few are favored by content creators. As a result, content creators flocked to make creative and cool videos up to fyp

1. Comedy and Education

For Your page or FYP is a recommendation page on the tiktok application which generally when you open tiktok for the first time, various recommendation videos that enter fyp will appear.

Not a few in the Tiktok application who want their content to enter FIP because it is considered interesting. Of course, entering fyp must have great effort and courage.

A nation that is humorous and likes to joke is the hallmark of Indonesia, comedy genre videos are a category of tiktok videos that often appear on FYP, these five categories have been put forward through press conferences via zoom.

Various types of comedy content found on tiktok and often appearing on FYP are funny content that is edited in such a way.

Humorous content and loose change content are the content that reap the most benefits on social media, because not a few companies introduce their brands by using loose humor type content.

The result can also attract a lot of engagement because there are definitely a lot of people who are interested in creating this type of content because it is considered fun for entertainment.

Tiktok has entered Indonesia and has a lot of active users, plus during the pandemic.

Tiktok users during the pandemic increased drastically and doubled in two years.

The TikTok application is an application that is an alternative to various types of productive activities when you are at home, especially in TikTok there is a lot of interesting content that you must watch.

In addition to comedy content, Indonesian people also like educational content that provides education through short videos and is watched by many people because it is considered more useful.

This educational content is in great demand this year because well-known celebrities are considered the most popular for their educational content. Educational content is also recommended by us if you like learning through videos.

If you have broad insight, then you can create serious content containing information and education that educates the audience.

The pandemic and quarantine period yesterday made lessons difficult to absorb and many students or students who are still in school have difficulty absorbing the lessons explained online, so educational content will be more interesting and suitable for sharing knowledge.

2. Beauty, Talent and Food

One of the most popular content next is beauty content, such as taking care of beauty, polishing makeup and some content that is FYP and viral.

This can be used as an idea to create creative content if you are one of those people who like make-up, skincare and other things related to beauty, be it quick make-up tutorials or other things.

Other interesting content is content that contains ootd, beauty, facial care and fashion.

This content is in great demand because videos containing beauty solutions or anything that is trending and related to beauty treatments will become FIP and be in demand by other TikTok users, the content will definitely be sought after.

Through the tiktok application, creators are re-growing the creativity of netizens, namely super duper creative creators who work on tiktok and immediately steal the attention.

The accounts that are considered successful in stealing the attention of the general public are those that have succeeded in utilizing many of the features available on tiktok and managed to enter FYP or for your page because of their talented content.

The content that is most in demand next is cooking content, this content is quite interesting because in addition to many fans, this content also contains quick cooking tutorials and easy ingredients.

You can share simple cooking tips or recipes and make tiktok users interested in your content, this content also has the opportunity to FYP on tiktok.

As a result of the never ending pandemic, many people prefer to cook at home, here making culinary content more popular because many people are constrained when ordering online or just going out to buy food to eat everyday, therefore culinary content made as the most popular content and entered FYP.

What’s the Tutorial Content Like?

3. Tutorials

If your hobby is dancing, then you can create dance challenge content on tiktok. You can share tutorials on dance moves that are widely used on tiktok or even many tutorials about other things such as editing photos or editing videos on the tiktok application.

This content is the most in-demand content because not a few of Tiktok users need tutorials for the best videos.

4. Poison and DIY or Life Hacks

The poison we mean is poison that brings you luck, that is, the content is tiktok which contains shopping discussions or recommendations for places to shop for interesting items,

to content that is suitable for Tiktok users who have small, medium to large businesses. This content is perfect for introducing the business you are building.

It’s the same if you like to make things with your own hands, interesting content is life hack content.

You can share the process with your users and followers on the tiktok application. You have to do this consistently, namely by making the content of the video clear and useful for everyone, so you can collect more likes.

If you find a new way or a simple way that many people may not think of, then you can share life hack type content on tiktok, this content is definitely very useful.

Likewise, if you often make something with your own hands, you can share this useful knowledge on your tiktok account and gain popularity.

5. story telling

You may have come across story telling content on youtube, but you can create story telling content on the tiktok application. This content is very interesting for your followers on tiktok.

Make the content shorter so that it is easy to understand, remember that the duration of the video on tiktok is not as long as YouTube, adjust the content you create to what you like so you can share stories and don’t feel burdened.