Multiple Security, This is the Website Security Feature of the Hosting Server

Website server security is an important thing and must be considered, especially for hosting providers. Hosting providers must provide maximum security to protect customer data stored on the server.

Hosting Expert itself uses international security standards that have been proven by Jagoan Hosting getting ISO 27001 certificate. Jagoan hosting servers are managed by experts in their fields and are internationally certified. And continue to keep the website server down.

Therefore, Jagoan Hosting does not play around with security issues, one of which is by implementing multiple security on the server. What are the server security tools and features used by hosting masters?

Cagefs by Cloudlinux

Cagefs is a tool that functions as a protection for the user’s cpanel structure, CageFS is a built-in feature of cloudlinux, so if you want to use cagefs then you have to use cloudlinux as the operating system.

CageFs itself aims to quarantine the user cpanel structure in 1 server. So that your hosting account cannot be peeked by shell scripts which are usually used for hacking with the jumping technique type.

CageFS will also form a fake structure to trick people who are trying to do hacking. A more detailed explanation is: if one account is defaced because the web security is not good (not from the server side), then it cannot deface other hosting accounts or our neighbors on one server.


for the security side of the CageFS server, this is better, Therefore Jagoan Hosting uses Cagefs as Server Security.

Email Antispam by Baruwa

The master hosting server also uses antispam by new email to secure the server from spam email attacks. Email Antispam by Baruwa is a complete Mail security solution, based on the best software packages. It provides protection from spam, viruses, phishing attempts and malware.


himself has a tagline Leading Spam Protection because they believe their tools are the best Spam Protection especially for email. And hosting experts also believe that Email Antispam by Baruwa is the best server security tool for email spam protection.


works with standard SMTP servers, is highly accurate, scalable, easy to integrate and manage. Automated installation, configuration management tools and APIs are provided to ensure efficient and easy System management.

If you use business email for business purposes, you can use Corporate Hosting Indonesia. With the feature of unlimited email accounts and can send emails up to 4800 per day. For more information you can click the banner below

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Server Security by Bitninja

It has been explained that the Jagoan Hosting server uses multiple security for the server, among which are Bitninja. BitNinja Security is a security tool that can protect servers from various attacks such as DDos, Spamming, Botnets, and others.


security also protects against attacks such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, XML security, buffer overflow, and data theft. So that many hosting providers use Bitninja as a server security tool, because there are so many features that are needed for a server.

Bitninja has many advantages, both in terms of features and ease of use. Here are the advantages of Bitninja in website server security features:

  • Protects from DDos attacks
  • Protection with Custom Honeypot.
  • Protection Against BotNetwork
  • Self-protection, Update, and Realtime Report
  • Detecting Malicious IP

And several other website server security features are provided. That is the reason many hosting providers use Bitnja as their security server.

Backup by Jetbackup and Acronis

Data backup is very important, that’s why Jagoan Hosting uses a backup tool with Jetbackup and Acronis. Jagoan Hosting Indonesia provides regular data backups with daily, weekly and monthly tempo. The provision of this data backup is only for assistance. For more information, visit the ToS champion hosting page

The master of hosting himself for backups uses two backup tools, namely: Jetbackup and Acronis. Because hosting experts understand the importance of backing up data for website servers. Therefore Jagoanhosting uses two tools for server backup purposes.

Even though hosting masters backup server data, you are required to backup data independently.


there are several more website server security used for websites. In addition to having multiple web security, the master hosting server is managed by internationally certified experts. So to maintain reliable server security, Jagoan hosting also has an ISO 27001 certificate.

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