Must Know! 5 Things Students Should Do After Graduating – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. After graduating from college, students usually tend to be confused about what to do. No exception with the problem of work, which often makes the students excited.

That’s why Mimin is here to help you get a job right away. Well, Friend Zone must listen to some things that must be done after graduating from lectures. Want to know anything? Check out the following reviews.

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Building Relationships

Illustration of relationships with other people (Photo: Ternak Duit)

The first thing to do is to build and strengthen relationships since they were still students. Zone friends can build connections that will be very useful when they graduate from college.

The goal is that after graduating from college, students will easily find jobs through these connections. Not an insider, yes, but through that connection you will be able to get various information about work.

Have a Portfolio

Portfolio illustration (Photo: Ohio Homeschool)

As fresh graduates, students must have a portfolio to support them in applying for jobs. Well, this portfolio can be anything that will later be useful as proof that you have expertise in a particular field. You can get portfolios from various academic and non-academic competitions.

Developing Hobbies

Illustration of developing a hobby (Photo: Rislah)

Who likes to take the time to just channel a hobby? Well, it turns out that hobbies will also open up job opportunities for you. Therefore, pursue your hobby and never underestimate it.

It is possible that the hobby you are developing will become a source of income. Especially today, many people are successful by using their hobbies to make money.

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Active in Organization

Participate in organizational activities (Photo: Swara Tunaiku)

Accustomed and active in organizational activities, can also hone skills and skills in communication. Not only that, being active as a member of the organization will also increase relationships and connections. You can also use this to find job vacancies through these relationships.

Don’t be stuck with the majors

Illustration of college majors (Photo: Until Far)

Having a job that matches your area of ​​expertise is good. But in reality, it is possible that you will get a job that is not in accordance with your field of expertise.

Therefore, do not get too hung up on the current major. Let it go according to the process you are going through. Regarding whether the job is suitable or not, it’s just Buddy Zone who knows about it. Do you want to stay with a job that doesn’t match your major or not.

Must Know! 5 Things Students Should Do After Graduating College

That’s a review of some of the things final students must do after graduating from college.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures, and always turn on notifications. See you later.

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