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1. Song of Tide

This photo was taken at Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi. The location is on the beach near the fish auction. Early in the morning I came here to get the sunrise, but failed because the weather was not supportive.

But; there is no bad light, only bad attitude. I saw a very interesting reflection on the beach, then looked for something that could fill the foreground. When the sky turned a little red, I got the photo below. Shot using a Nikon D40, 12-24, and 3 stops GND.

2.Wireless Anywhere

This photo was deliberately made at that time for a competition, maybe Apple is holding a competition like that hehe. But I put this photo into a competition on campus during the IT Telkom festival event. The result? Alhamdulillah, still the first winner hehe. Just look at the model still wearing the typical campus pants in the dayeuhkolot. Location on Mount Bromo, East Java. Still using the d40 and 12-24 and the CPL filter.

3. Cikoneng sunrise

This year my boarding house often rains. I rarely get good sunrise or sunset photos. But that one was okay because the sun was shining quite brightly. We must hurry to seize this moment, because the next day these flowers have disappeared from the rain. Nikon d300 with 12-24.

4. Bromo hillside

5. Mt. Puntang River

Mount Puntang is my favorite place to take pictures of the river. The place is easy to reach and there are still lots of forests. The track is also not too difficult. D40, 12-24, CPL.

6. Demonstration

I forgot what these guys were demoing about. What is clear is that the theatrical action is extraordinary. I took this photo in front of Gedung Sate after the student action regarding the Raperda on alcohol in Bandung. Only then did these people in black come.

7. Hmmm..?

What animal is this? I rarely shoot macros. This photo was taken using a reverse 50mm lens. Uses nothing unless held. The result is pretty good. Location on campus around the rectorate building.

8. Asia Africa midnight

This photo was taken at night around 12 pm. I forgot that the bottom part was supposed to be cropped when lens correction was done in photoshop *lazy*

9. Basket dance

I named it the basket dance because she was holding a basket *groan* This photo was taken during the USBM Anniversary (Minang cultural arts and culture enterprises on campus). Still with d40 with 70-200 VR

10. Railway

There is nothing special in this photo. But I really like the tone because I use a full manual camera and film. Metering cheats from the Nikon D40. Then I scanned the film and the results were decent. Zenit Z1x camera, 50 mm lens, fuji superia, convert to black and white.

Which is your favorite photo?

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