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In 2011, I traveled quite a lot. Starting from along the southern coast of Java to the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

The following is a list of photos that I categorize as favorites. All photos landscapes, because yes..what else? haha. God willing, next year my collection can be better, maybe to Yosemite? #amen

These are not my best work, because my best will be taken tommorow. Anyways here they are :

1. Dreaming

This photo was taken at Sayang Heulang beach, while hunting with HFB (Bandung Photo Hobby). Even though the weather was cloudy and gloomy, it was really a calm, beautiful, and beautiful morning moody.

2. The Flame Within

A spectacular sunset. This photo was taken at Pangumbahan beach when I was hunting with uncle Andry and Zaky. One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen on the beach.

3. Tangkuban Perahu from Moko Hill

I go to Moko quite often, if your friends live in Bandung, you will know this place. From Padasuka Street, where there is Saung Mang Udjo, continue up until you pass Caringin Tilu. You will definitely meet at the top of the hill and get this view.

4. Good Morning Sawarna

Sawarna is okay, the most photogenic beach I’ve ever met. It’s just that the waves make goosebumps. This photo is the result of HDR, a combination of 3 images.

5. Into the Night

Still in Sawarna, the previous photo is sunrise, this time is sunset. It was almost pitch black, and when I took the photo I didn’t realize the sea had started to rise and I was forced to return to the mainland stumbling and almost swimming haha.

6. Good Evening Rancabuaya

This photo was taken without a tripod, ISO 1600 handheld. Because my tripod broke during my first trip to Rancabuaya.

7. Plawangan Sembalun

The last post before the summit of Rinjani, 2700 meters above sea level. A sea of ​​clouds and edelweiss flowers as far as the eye can see, this is a sight that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

8. Curug Cikaso

This beautiful waterfall is located in Surade, Sukabumi district. Guaranteed to linger here.

9. Firewave

This photo is also still at Rancabuaya beach, but this time the trip is with photoST friends, the IT Telkom photography community. What I remember at that time was that his face was speechless because of the beautiful sunset.

10. Good morning Cikoneng!

This is my favorite place, because it only takes a little from the boarding house to get here. This place is for practicing landscape photography, the spots are hard to see, but if the timing is right it will be amazing.

So, which one do you like the best?


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