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Ansel Adams once said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” And, I totally agree with Uncle Ansel. It’s pretty hard actually to create just 12 ‘masterpiece’.

The photos below are normal. But, at least these photos hold a lot of stories for me, and also to share with all of you, dear readers 🙂

Trust me, photography will take you to places you’ve never been before. Sooner or later, pay yourself or for free, eventually. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Ranu Kumbolo Milky Way

Ranu Kumbolo is indeed Mahameru’s paradise. But, if the weather is sunny like this, the cold won’t help, bro! If (no) lucky, early in the morning around the tent will be a lot of ice brrrrr.

2. Rainbow over Mt. Gede

Rainbow seen from Mount Gede

I took this photo while climbing Mount Gede-Pangrango via Cibodas. Unfortunately, at that time we did not have time to go to Surya Kencana because a colleague was unwell. The full story is here.

3. Buy a book, sir!

This photo led me to become a champion in the 2012 National Student Art Week in Lombok. The story is here.

4. Drive to Mahameru

To the top of Mount Semeru

The steep sandy climb plus large rocks to the highest land on the island of Java is indeed dangerous. A little wrong step, say goodbye. Not recommended for novice climbers!

5. Bromo Tengger Semeru

Bromo in the distance, from Semeru

Usually, people take pictures of semeru from the pananjakan in Bromo. The climb is the highest peak in the top right of the photo. Bromo postcard photos that you must have seen many times, and I’ve never been there in fact haha! This photo is the opposite, Bromo is taken from Mahameru. Anti mainstream bro!

6. Bena Village

Bena village in Bajawa, Flores

The contours of this village in Bajawa are very unique. Similar to the villages in the final fantasy RPG series.

7. Sawarna Beach

No matter how many times I visit Sawarna, I never get tired of photographing the beauty of the rocks here.

8. The Flying lantern

Vesk flying lantern

Thousands of lanterns that were flown during the Vesak ceremony at Borobudur temple were taken with long exposure.

9. Heartwarming Ranu Kumbolo

Amazing morning at Ranu kumbolo

Bitter cold, fog rolled over the lake, as if to welcome me who sat with friends looking for warmth, while drinking coffee from the same glass. Good morning, Ranu Kumbolo.

10. Kampung Bajo Wakatobi

The timelapses here are mine, they’re from photos, not videos, and they’re all my favorites. Video made for Indonesian travelers.

11. Bromo sandstorm


Beautiful morning at Bromo caldera accompanied by a sandstorm. Pffffttt.

12. Komodo fromo Gili Laba

Gili Laba

The hills in Flores are arid but really beautiful. Not tired of seeing it.

13. Kelimutu lake


In Kelimutu, I do foreign smuggling. lol?

14. Mahameru & Edelweiss

The sublime mahameru

When I printed this photo, I got goosebumps when I saw it bro. I can’t imagine I’ve been up there. epic.

15. The Four Kings Land

Wayag Island in Raja Ampat, Papua.

This year has been amazing. And the following years will be even more extraordinary. Amen!

Thank You!

psssst, 10 is much better to hear than 15 :))

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