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Eh, see you again at the end of the year post. Time goes by fast, doesn’t it?

Before scrolling down, you can first take a look at my favorite photos from 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Are my photos getting darker? Or is it even worse? Ah, the important thing is that I can still take pictures, I’m already happy.

Anyway, enjoy this year slideshow!

1. Jailolo Bay

Good morning from jailolo bay

This photo was taken the morning just before the 2013 Jailolo Bay Festival started. At that time, I was walking alone with Uncle Jeri, looking for free wifi. When the sun comes up, how come it’s so nice, isn’t this a port? In fact, on the edge there is a view of scattered garbage. I accidentally cropped the bottom while shooting, so the bad stuff was thrown away.

So, don’t believe the photo right away. Sometimes it can be better than the original, sometimes vice versa. For me, a photograph is art, not the duplication of reality. *groans* :))

2. Dreaming

So the story is that that morning I was going to photograph the sunrise in the Caringin Tilu area, Bandung. The area near Moko hill. However, the sun didn’t appear at all. Fog everywhere.

However, I saw rows of trees in the forest that were quite orderly, pleasing to the eye. I pointed the camera at it, and the result was blurry, because the settings just now failed to shoot the sunrise. When you see it, it’s actually good (in my opinion). Finally after several tries, with a speed of 1 second, and while nodding his head, a photo like this one.

It fits like a painting bro!

3. Through the Glass

If you often go to Jalan ABC Bandung, you must have seen a lot of eyewear sellers. This street is my favorite street photoshoot. The old city of Bandung. This photo was the winner when there was a street on the spot photography competition held by one of the cellular operators.

I love this photo, especially the color. Thanks for borrowing the god 35 f/1.4 lens!

4. Sickle Man

Bro, bored of life, bro?

This photo was taken while I was walking in the market around the Kanoman palace in Cirebon. I found a father who sells cutlery with this funny face. When I asked permission to take a picture of him, he was even indifferent. I also took a picture, and he put this pose for about a second. I asked him to pose like this again, but he refused. “I don’t want to be in the paper,” he said.

Love the red background!

5. Raja Ampat Kids

When I was at a resort on Gam island, Raja Ampat, I saw many children doing activities about 50 meters from the beach from a distance. When I approached them, they were fishing.

Using just a thread and a little bait, they can catch a lot of fish. They were very shy when I took out the camera. Luckily, a child was willing to pose for me that afternoon. This portrait made my day 🙂

6. Horom Sasadu

Before the villagers join the big meal of horom sasadu, they wash their hands together with water mixed with betel nut. Horom means big meal, and sasadu is a traditional house that is usually used to gather villagers. They do this as a form of gratitude for the bountiful harvest.

7. Hello again Sawarna

It seems that every year, beach photos in the south of Banten are never absent from this list. Not bored? I don’t. But, if you go there again, it’s a bit lazy too. Except ‘you’ who invite :))

8. Kinahrejo After Eruption

This photo is one of my favorites while following the Terios 7 wonders journey. Terrible, considering the sandy soil this is a village. Merapi is covered in fog in the distance.

9. Batman

It’s funny to see batman and robin who haven’t changed their costumes passing in front of the HI roundabout. Taken during the car free day when the Jakarta event was deserted by

That’s it! Make your own list and tell me in the comment!

*pssst, December 2013 is still 20 days away so this list is still possible to change :))

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