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As usual, since 2010 I’ve been reviewing photos that have become my favorites for the past year.

For your favorite photos from the previous year, you can see here.

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Btw, all photos were taken using the Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF 16 1.4, XF 10-24, XF 56 f/1.2 and XF 35 f/2 lenses.


1.Autumn In Tohoku

The bucket list from long ago is finally here: Autumn in Japan! This photo was taken at the Jogakura Bridge, Aomori. Aomori is a prefecture in Tohoku, Japan. It is located in the north of the island of Honshu.

2. Hong Kong Apartment

Hong Kong is so densely packed, these flats are forced to pile up like this. The distance is very close.

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3. Sunset Beach Long, Bengkulu

One of the most beautiful sky colors I encountered in 2017 fell to Pantai Panjang, Bengkulu.

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4. Hydra Island, Greece

For a European summer, choose Italy or Greece. If you want cheap Europe, choose Greece.

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5. Little Monk, Batu Caves, Malaysia

The young monks.

6. Old Town, Prague

Prague old town, Czech Republic. Lovely building!

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7. Tulip Harvest in Antwerp, Belgium

Luckily, my time to Antwerp, Belgium coincided with this biennial festival!

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8. Togean Islands

I need those vitamins sea everyday. *scorched*

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9. Asakusa, Japan.

The first snow I encountered in my life. And it’s in a tokyo where it almost never snows!

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10. Bangkok, Thailand

What are you doing, Ms….?

11. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Asking directions?

12. Home…

In the end, home is the most comfortable place to return to.

And i hope she would become my home 🙂

What about you, what’s your favorite photo of the year?

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