My 8-Year-Old Daughter Dare to Debt to Game Rentals, Here’s How I Overcome It


I think I raised my son well. It turns out Hehehe, that kindness he uses for his benefit playing Pla*statio*. I don’t know whether to be angry or proud of what he did.

It all started with the arrival of the young man who used to take care of the game rental. The game rental is not far from our house, only 500 meters. Incidentally, I did not allow my children to play the game at home. It’s up to you to say it’s stingy but I can say that I’m a bit old-fashioned about it gadgets yes, bud.

For me, the child who plays most of the time gadgets more harmher than the good. Make a purchase just a smartphone i think-think so much. Because this incident was before the pandemic and school obligations on line, so for gadgets I am very disciplined.

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Well, this young man came happy-go-lucky at the door. When I asked what was wrong, his answer made my chest sink.

“Punten, is this mother the mother of (my son’s name)?” he asked

“Yes. What’s wrong, Mas?” I answered.

“So, ma’am. He owes Rp. 10 thousand in the rental. When do you want to pay it, ma’am?”

There I was silent for about five seconds. I first digested the sentence that the young man said. After realizing that I can answer.

“Today yes, Mas. Later I will go there with the child,” I replied.

The young man came home. I went to the kitchen, drank water to cool down. If you were me, how do you try?!

I waiting my youngest son came home. After that I asked him to sit down and be honest about his activities if afternoon play. I said about the guys who came collect debt. My son is silent just and just said, “Yes, Mom. Are you angry?”

Give me a break, Bun. But how am I supposed to have the determination to finish this, right?

Do you know what I’m doing? I took the youngest to the game rental. I paid off the debt he left at the rental. Then I told the young guard to forbid my son from entering the rental again.

remember this child’s face, yes, sir. Do not allow playing here. Rather than Mas, I don’t get paid anymore,” more or less what I said.

Powerful, Bun. After that, my son was observed playing at home in the afternoon. Even if they play, their friends come to the house to play. Yes, it’s safer that way, right?

(Mother M, East Jakarta)

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