My husband is stingy about money, I was sick and was told to get treatment with my own money


I am a 29 year old woman. They have been married for three years and have one daughter who is two years old. I am from an ordinary family and my husband is quite well off.

He was well established at the age of 34 at the time. Since we got married, the house and vehicle have been the result of my husband’s hard work. But with all that does not make me feel happy.

My husband is very secretive about finances to me. After a year of marriage, I accidentally read his chat with someone who wants to sell a house. And, he bought it with cash, proof of transfer is also there. But I was not told by my husband that he had just bought a house. I do not know for whom or indeed he bought it for investment.

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I once asked but the answer is that the boss’s house bought it. Even though it’s clear the chat results are in his own name! Since I don’t want to fight, I’ll leave it for now. Even then, he’s still not honest. Even how much the salary until now I do not know. Yesterday he suddenly bought a new vehicle without me notifying beforehand.

Indeed, he is a husband who is responsible for his children and mother. He gave the best for all his children’s needs. So is his mother. At first I was happy that the husband was kind to his mother because it reflected how he would behave with his wife. Turns out not to me as his wife….

He can be so generous to his children and mother, even whatever his mother wants he always gives even though I don’t think it’s important. As for my needs, he doesn’t want to know.

Her mother can even be diligent in treatment to an expensive dermatologist. Even if I run out of skincare, he doesn’t want to spend money for me, if I ask for sure the answer is, “Just buy it wear own money”.

I was sick and was told to use the usual over the counter medicine. Even if I have to go to the doctor, I use my own personal money. But if her mother is sick, even if it’s just normal bloating, she immediately takes her to a specialist.

It’s not that I forbid him to be nice to his mother but I like being annoyed that I’m being treated differently like everyone else. He also often forbade me to meet my own family. Even though my house and my biological parents are not far away.

I often feel sad because he never wants to listen to me even when the child is sick he listens to his mother more than me. In fact, the one who knows more about the child must be my biological mother. My job here is just like a baby sitter who takes care of all her children’s needs but never wants to know about my needs.

I’ve talked about this before. But still he didn’t want to open up about his finances or his attitude towards me. I’m tired and lazy to fight so I just choose to be silent until now. What do you think, if you were in my position, what should I do? 🙁

(JV mother, did not give location)

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