Mystery of Student Suicide at Ma’had UIN Maliki Malang – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. How are you? I hope you are good and healthy always. Sans is back again with horror stories that make everyone curious. This time Sans will take you to Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University (UIN Maliki Malang).

This state university previously took the name of a Walisongo known as Sunan Gresik, who was a prominent propagator of Islam in Java. This campus has many interesting stories about the dynamics of lectures so that there are horror stories that also color life at UIN Maliki Malang. One of them is the mystery of a female student who committed suicide in Ma’had.

So, so that you are not curious about the mystery of a female student committing suicide at Ma’had UIN Maliki Malang. Come on, Sans start the story! Eh, before that don’t forget to turn off the lights and activate the horror mode to make it more exciting! Happy reading.

As usual, Ahmad had just finished following the lecture schedule. Exactly at 20.00 WIB, he left the class with his classmate named Rio. That night, the two of them went straight to the dormitory to rest.

Ahmad walked leisurely while observing every corner of the campus building, while Rio was engrossed in playing with his smart phone. However, unlike usual the road to the hostel was very quiet. So it was just the two of them walking down the buildings to the dormitory.

“Mad.. Ahmad,” exclaimed Rio who was walking behind Ahmad.

“Hmm, what??” said Ahmad.

It’s quiet in the middle of nowhere, even though it’s almost time to eat,” continued Rio.

Iyo i, medeni iki mek wong loroan awadewe“Ahmad replied while looking around at the atmosphere.

Rio did not respond to Ahmad’s words. His face was starting to look pale, because he was a little afraid to be alone with Ahmad. The reason is because his friend has a sixth sense, aka indigo.

Walking alone with Ahmad, it felt like Rio had goosebumps all along. However, he acted casually like he wasn’t afraid of anything.

For 10 minutes the two of them walked together accompanied by the silence that slowly faded away. Because approaching the Ma’had courtyard or dormitory, there were still some students outside. Whether just meeting friends or doing assignments.

Seeing that, Rio could breathe a sigh of relief. While Ahmad is still indifferent to his cell phone. They both live in the same dormitory in the Ma’had Sunan Ampel Al Aly complex. More precisely in the third floor of the Ibn Rusdy Dormitory.

Ahmad’s room is on the second floor, while Rio’s is on the third floor. They had to separate after reaching the second floor. But unlike usual, Rio even asked to be escorted to his room.

Mad, it sucks to know that I don’t even expect a room?” Rio asked.

Lapo eh? Wong yo curry mlakureplied Ahmed.

Awamu right yo ero Mad, lek ndek floor telu jare ono student sing suicide biyen“explained Rio.

Hearing that answer, Ahmad was silent and thought for a while. They were still on the second floor, waiting for Ahmad who was still thinking about Rio’s request.

After thinking, Ahmad decided to go straight back to his room. The reason he refused was because he wasn’t feeling well. In addition, he was very worried if he met a ghost later there.

Rio, who understood Ahmad’s reasoning, finally let his friend return to his room to rest. Slowly but surely, Rio resumed his journey to the room.

One by one he passed the stairs. On the other hand, silence and silence began to greet him. Rio repeatedly looked left and right to confirm the situation around him.

Even though it was only 20.30 WIB, the atmosphere in the hostel was very quiet as if there were no signs of life. Out of fear, Rio finally installed earphones then sing a little louder.

And it happens again

An old story repeating itself

You’re hurt again

From the complicated love that you live

Not long after, Rio was in front of his room. When he wanted to open the bedroom door, he glanced briefly at the empty room in the corner.


Hmm.. the door to my room is really open,” thought Rio.

Rio’s brain kept wondering why the room was open. In fact, since Rio has occupied this dormitory, the door to the room has never been opened at all.

Still in front of the door to his room, Rio stood still, looking at the empty room in the corner. He wanted to see the room, but his steps were heavy. Rio was afraid but he was very curious about the room.

Finally, he slowly walked towards the place which was only five rooms away. His heart was beating twice as fast as usual, but Rio continued to walk down the hall of the dorm room.

Wow, why is it so quiet here?‘ he said in a slightly frightened tone.

Only one room left, Rio will get to the mysterious empty room. He turned back and looked to his left and right to make sure the situation. After feeling nothing, he steadily stepped into the room and opened the door wide.


Still in the doorway, Rio felt a little relieved because it turned out that what he was afraid of was just a hallucination. His eyes began to search every corner of the empty room and suddenly…

Rio froze watching the apparition in front of him. His face was very pale, he was very scared and his footsteps were heavy so it was difficult to walk.

Deg Deg Deg

The sound of Rio’s heart beating increasingly erratic, sweat dripping from his temples. He glared at a female student with a hanging position right in front of him.

The student was hanging by a slap rope around his neck, just like someone hanged himself. Rio who was still shocked by what he saw, rushed over to ask for help.

But her intention had to be undone, because she was surprised to see the female student’s legs move slowly. Rio thought the student had just committed suicide and could still be helped, but apparently…

Dag Dig Dug

Astagfirullah opo iku” Rio thought, who was still standing there.

It felt like running as far as possible, but her legs felt very weak. Rio just watched the student with a very pale face.

Slowly the female student turned to Rio with a pale white face, even her eyes were empty like a living corpse.


“Please mas, I’m lonely,” said the student quietly.


Rio shouted and ran as fast as he could.


Hearing that scream, the other students rushed out of the room and approached Rio who was sitting limply with a ragged breath.

Opo o your crew?‘ asked one of his friends.

Iiii-ikuu ono arek commit suicide ndek kono” Rio pointed out in fear.

The other students looked around and exchanged glances at the empty room. They were surprised by Rio, who said he saw a student hanging herself there. What they saw was that the room was closed, even locked tightly.

This room is empty and keeps locked, it’s impossible for the door to opensaid another student.

Deloken this, you know, the door of the room e tight lock,” he added.

Rio, who had his back to the empty room door, turned slowly and silently saw the door to the empty room he had entered was tightly closed.

He was still in shock at what he saw. Seeing Rio who still looks very pale, his other friends also led him to the room.

After calming down, one of his other friends also told the mystery of the empty room on the floor. Apparently, rumors circulated in the room that a student had committed suicide because of heartache.

It was the ghost of the student that Rio saw in the empty room. Since that incident, Rio never came home more than 8 pm and also did not dare to look into the empty room in the corner.

Mystery of Student Suicide at Ma’had UIN Maliki Malang

Hmm, what do you think, Zone Buddy? Has anyone experienced or seen the ghost of a female student hanging herself like Rio? Come on, share with Sans about various other horror stories that might be on your campus. Can you write it in the comments column? See you later.

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