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It wasn’t too cold in Kiara Payung that morning, although the sun shyly rose to dispel the morning mist. Some of the OANC Kaskus friends who had woken up looked disappointed because they couldn’t catch the sun that morning.

Morning at Kiara Payung

If you are a mountain kid who likes to chat, you must be familiar with this one subforum: Kaskus OANC (Outdoor Adventure and Nature Club).

Last May 2015, Kaskus OANC held its fifth gathering. This annual gathering is held for a gathering place between Kaskus members, a place to show off gear that makes you droolalso a place to find a mate *eh*

Colorful Tent

This is my first time joining Gathnas. Several years ago I wanted to join, but was embarrassed because I didn’t know anyone there. Most forums are just looking for cheap mountain gear and passive readers who occasionally post photos of mountains, hehe.

What I remember most at OANC is that I watched mystical story threads in the mountains, for a few days I read several tens of pages. Duh, scared but curious :))

Evening get-together

In this 5th Gathnas, Mas Farchan and I were asked to be the speakers at this gathering. So not only happy camping, but also sharing from us about travel writing and photography.

Of course I’m talking about photography.

I’m not a professional, but if asked show off sharing about photography I’m very happy :’)

Gileeeee :)))

Before I go up the mountain, I will definitely stop by this OANC kaskus forum. There is a subforum dedicated to travel logs. Although sometimes it is dizzy to see the writings and photos that are a bit uneven, the information they provide is very useful, especially for those who have never set foot on the mountain.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons the committee brought me and Mas Farchan to perform here. So that the threads of travel notes that are made can be of higher quality.

Kopdar first kk~
Selfie first! ©

From Mas Farchan himself, he saw many mountain climbers who are not yet fond of writing, documenting their journey. Well, maybe the photos and statuses have them upload to social media, but in my opinion it would be better if the trip could be written nicely into full writing timeless.

Mz Farchan in action. Ps your stomach ms.

By the way, I myself have never made a thread on Kaskus except in FJB :))

As for the venue itself — even though the name of the event is Gathnas Bandung — it’s not in Bandung, but in Sumedang, hehe. Bandung.

Bring your husband, wife, and children. Singles looking for a mate. Joss.

Yes, but Kiara Payung is not too far from Bandung. The Kiara Umbrella campground is near Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor campus. Not far behind.

If the name of the event is Kaskus 5 National Gathering: Sumedang, I guess the name doesn’t sell well :))

Play on the ropes. What’s his name?
We can also try really, but it’s really hard!

Anyway, the warm family atmosphere, laughter, and fun at the kiara umbrella made the weekend very memorable. Just like in the mountains, even those who don’t know can be like old friends who haven’t seen each other because they know that we both have the same goal.

So, see you at the next gathering!

Group photo in the corner
The participants are about 250 people from many cities in Indonesia! ©TravellerKaskus

— National Gathering 5 OANC Bandung. Bandreg Bajigur. Bandung Anu Saderek, Batur Jiga Dulur.

**BTW, did anyone take a photo of me while giving the material? Please ask! :))

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