Netizens Give Support to Ten WayV for this heartbreaking incident

WayV is the fourth NCT sub-unit based in China. The sub-unit is managed by the SM sub-label, namely Label V.

WayV members consist of Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang.

Well, recently, there was a heartbreaking incident involving Ten WayV that made NCTzens furious.

What incident was that? If you’re curious, see the complete info until the end, come on!

Ten has been involved in several solo activities in China over the past few months. He couldn’t even participate in promotions for NCT’s big comeback in 2021.

After so long, fans have actually asked Ten to return to South Korea soon. Although it seems, Ten still has a series of solo activities to complete.

However, fans were worried about the way Label V, aka the label that overshadowed WayV, treated Ten.

Recently, Youku aka the Chinese version of YouTube held an event that included Ten WayV.

He said, Youku gave 7 tickets to Label V to give to Ten aka 10velys fans. The goal, anyway, so fans can attend the event.

However, the ticket was not distributed properly. So, fans have to buy tickets from third parties at a higher price.

data-id="12">The sad thing is, fans can’t buy tickets collectively, so their positions are spread out. Then, fans found that Ten only looked at one fan.

It could be, Ten feels that only one fan supports him. Of course, that makes fans feel frustrated.

Investigate, Label V doesn’t want to accept a gift ticket from Youku. In fact, Label V also didn’t tell fans about Ten’s agenda.

“Imagine, how would Ten feel when he saw his fans like no one came? Wouldn’t that make it seem like he has no fans?” said one fan.

As a result, fans voiced their concerns about Ten via Twitter.

data-id="17">They echo the hashtag #iloveyouten to trend in several countries, including Indonesia and Thailand.

No matter what, fans say that they will always be there for Ten.

Fans regret the attitude of Label V. WayV also doesn’t have much activity. One fan even revealed that at the beginning of 2020 many fans stopped supporting WayV due to a lack of activity.

data-id="20">Most importantly, however, fans have gathered to support Ten and show their love for the idol. Hopefully, Ten doesn’t feel alone!

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