New Features of Youtube Vertical Video (Tutorial)

Have you seen Youtube’s new feature called Youtube Shorts? What are Beta Shorts? How to make video shorts on Youtube? Should you upload content with this new feature? Read on!

What are Beta Shorts?

Shorts Beta is a YouTube feature that is still in beta version that displays a vertical video format with a duration of less than 60 seconds.

The point is, it’s very similar to the Tiktok application.

From the information mentioned on Google’s official website, some of the features that can be used are:

  • Add music
  • Set video speed
  • Timer, countdown, and hands-free recording.

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youtube shorts

Reflecting on the success of Tiktok’s short videos, Youtube also wants to give anyone the opportunity to create video content, even if only using a cellphone.

These Video Shorts will appear in the section named Short Shelfto be precise in homepage or the front page of the mobile application only.

New Features of Youtube Vertical Video (Tutorial)

Well, because this feature is still very new, this could be a golden opportunity for content creators to get more view or exposure.

Usually every time there is a new feature, surely the social media willpush the new features are more intense.

The algorithm is also still hard to guess, what videos can be entered in Short Shelf also still not clear.

I’m just trying to upload Shorts video myself, but there’s no good response yet. Lets seemaybe I will update if there are changes.

New Features of Youtube Vertical Video (Tutorial)

From the other channels that I follow, I get a lot additional subscribers new because it uses this new feature from Youtube.

Currently the YouTube Shorts feature has only been tested in India, and reportedly will enter America as well. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t upload short YouTube videos.

In the next section I will explain how to upload video Shorts on Youtube either via cellphone or laptop.

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How to upload Youtube Shorts on your channel

I myself have tried to upload or upload Youtube Shorts videos, even though the feature has not appeared in my Youtube application. It’s very easy.

Here’s how to upload video Shorts on Youtube either via a cellphone or laptop:

  1. Click the + (HP) or “Create” (laptop) icon and select upload a video.
  2. Select the video you want to upload. The important thing is that this video must meet the requirements i.e. vertical video under 60 seconds. In order to maximize it in order to reach more viewers, It’s best if the video is 15 seconds long.
  3. Make sure you add #Shorts in the title and description section.
  4. You can add thumbnails. Although Youtube will select thumbnails automatically.
  5. Click Upload.
how to upload youtube shorts from laptop
How to upload video shorts from desktop/laptop

Well, the picture below is the Shorts display on my youtube channel.

To show it on your channel, just go to Youtube Studio – Customization – Add Section – Short Videos.

New Features of Youtube Vertical Video (Tutorial)

What’s the difference between Youtube Shorts and Youtube Stories?

Maybe you’ve seen it before Youtube Stories, which is also similar to Shorts. However, there are differences in these two features.

Youtube Stories, the goal is to interact more with your subscribers. Stories will disappear after 7 days.

In addition, not everyone can use the Youtube Stories feature because they must have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers.

As for Youtube Shorts, videos that you have uploaded will not be lost. There is no minimum subscriber tooso that anyone can upload short videos.

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So in conclusion, Shorts Beta is very similar to Tiktok.

Currently still in beta version but you can already upload this short video, the important thing is that it complies with the conditions (vertical videos are less than 60 seconds).

New Features of Youtube Vertical Video (Tutorial)

Whether this short video can be monetized or not is still unclear. However, as content creatorit’s good to try this new feature soon.

Good luck uploading videos on Youtube Shorts!

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